SNTRL Wekfest NY Pre-Meet

Its been a while since I’ve been excited to go to any sort of event, so when I heard that Wekfest was finally coming to my side of the country I was pretty souped. I started preparing for my trip to Jersey by making sure I had my media pass, and making arrangements to stay with my homies in CT the night before. August 25th came and I was off to CT, on my way there my boy hit me up and asked if I wanted to hit up the SNTRL Wekfest secret Pre-meet in Manhattan and my answer to that was “Hell Yeah!”. SNTRL is an automotive blog based out of NY and they decided to welcome the JDM Chicago crew that came down for Wekfest with this awesome meet/cruise through Time square. They did an awesome job setting up the cruise they mapped it out meticulously by driving around in slammed cars and making sure that the route had no serious road hazards and they even handed out maps with check points the day of to make sure no one got lost. Read about it here :

When I finally Arrived to CT I hopped in my boys ITR and off we were to Manhattan, when we arrived I was absolutely in awe by the location. It was under these huge Archs with some of NY and Chicagos best cars on both sides of the street, we hung out there for a while until all the cars showed up and then we started the cruise.

Awesome shot of NY on one side and Chicago on the other…

Rolling out!

Going through time square with a group of about 50-70 cars from NY, NJ, CT,PA,IL was absolutely insane and something that doesn’t happen EVER! When we arrived to Time Square all the tourists and New Yorkers couldn’t help but look at all the Fresh cars coming through, the attention was crazy it felt like we were celebrities and that paparazzi was snapping pics of us.

The Homie Siva and his Ruckus crew on the way to Time Square.

I had shotgun in this Type R all night, definitely not a bad way to ride around in haha


Toyotas Finest…

My favorite shot of the night…

Jae Nyce doing his thing!

After cruising through Time Square we met up at some post office tunnel somewhere in Manhattan where I got some awesome shots. NY’s finest came and kicked us out after a while and by that time it was almost 2am, I had to be up early for the hour and a half drive to Wekfest so it was lights out for me.

I want to thank SNTRL for making this meet happen and all the cool people who drove out to NY for Wekfest and participated in the cruise, but most importantly I want to thank my Homie Jose for letting me ride shotgun in his Fresh ITR and giving me a place to crash!

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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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