Wekfest East 2012

Last time I went to Wekfest I was 3000 miles away on the opposite coast and it was hands down the best show I’ve ever been to. I knew when these guys decided to come out the East Coast that I was gonna be there to grab all the Freshness. Having had a taste the night before at the SNTRL Wekfest premeet I knew  that when my day started I was gonna be in for something good and Wekfest East did not disappoint! Hopefully next year there will be a bigger venue so that more cars come in and show off how the East Coast gets down!

Penomenal Vinyl  Altima chillen in the lot.

IAG Performance showing off this BRZ on Klutch Republic wheels.

Benz Wagon scraping everywhere!


More CL’s like this please!

Loving this 1st gen MR2!

Flared out IS was definitely an attention getter.

TE37s are always a great choice for any car and the bold color just makes it THAT much better!

Tomas Repping that BYU decal! Check out @BobsYrUncle.com for some Fresh cars and coverage.

You don’t see many of SC430’s done up but these have to be some of THE best in the country.


Perfect Executions!

The Toyota/Lexus presence was serious at Wekfest East as you can see.

RotiForm + Porsche = made for each other.

I’m not crazy about the Panamera BUT this one I love!

The fabrication on this 240 was amazing.

I’ve wanted to see this car up close and personal for a while now and to finally check it out in person was everything I imagined. The S15 by itself is bad ass and then add the color combo with aggresive blue Work Meisters and you got Money! The 4uDrew.org is a great organization make sure to check them out and learn more about them!

Veilside Z with a mean supercharged N20 setup was absolutely insane!

The Zs and Gs came correct!

It’s never a bad day when your graced with the presence of a R34 GTR.

Suttle to Mild to Wild! All these RX-7’s are amazing!

Andy showing off his new Fresh set of BBS’s on his widebody Miata. I can dig it!!

Perfect combo… This Caddy never gets old!

CCW Smoothy!

They could have used this in the Italian Job haha

Fresh M3’s

AWD Goodness!!

That other H looking good!

Garage Werks s2k sitting pretty…

S2K Bad Assness!

I fall in love every time I see this!

The Vraceworks coupe never disappoints!

The Homie Dj MDeck brought down one my favorite hatch backs, you gotta see this in person to fully appreciate how Fresh this is. Hard work pays off, this car is a prime example of that!

I saw this car like 4-5 years ago and it looked good but not this good, this Del Sol now is F*cking Amazing!!

I’m feeling the new color on Team Emotions RHD Mugen’d out RSX.

Andy’s Fresh RSX sporting a little something new under the hood since the last time saw  it.

Seeing these 3 NSX’s made the trip down Jersey worth it!

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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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