Brotherly Love…



One of the most exciting nights I had this year was during the SNTRL Wekfest Pre Meet in Manhattan, during the night I had a chance to do a quick shoot with my homies from CT. You can tell these guys are related,they both have a love for race bred street cars. The  Integra Type R and the BMW M3 Saloon are 2 cars with a lot of racing heritage behind them, take your pick with either one on the track in stock form and I guarantee that you will have a blast and kick some ass while you’re at it. Both of these cars compliment each other really well, and what we have here are the best of both worlds!



The Bros looking Fresh together!

The BBS LM is a perfect fit for the M3 Saloon.

The man and his car… I love this candid shot, he had no idea haha

On our way back to CT from the Pre Meet we turned down this beautiful brick road in Manhattan and I knew I had to get a shot of Jose’s car here.

 Here’s a shot the homies over at SNTRL took of me taking a picture of this BMW from the Type R, kinda crazy how this worked out haha

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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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