Honda Day 2012 E-town

10 Years ago Honda Day had its debut, yeah it’s really been that long since it started. I remember being in highschool and f*cking around in computer lab checking out coverage on Now 10 years later this is my 3rd year in a row getting coverage of my own, I have to admit it feels good to say that. I’m happy with my blog and I cant wait to see it grow more just like Honda Day did. This Year by far has been the biggest turn out ive seen, literally all the parking lots were full of mainly Honda’s. I’m not sure of the exact numbers but there were thousands of cars and people in attendance, its insane how people flock to this event. With the thousands of cars in attendance I had to really keep my eye out and find the best Honda’s I could, and this is exactly what I found. Enjoy!

Here is everyone’s favorite Wagovans!

Honda Day brought out some of the best looking CRV’s Ive ever seen.

It’s good to see the new Honda’s getting some love and OOOOO do I love!!

The girls of Honda Day straight holding it down!!!

These guys have great taste in wheels!

Pick your poison.

I will take either one of these GSR’s.

Ruckin around not giving a Ruck..

Respect your elders…

This dude was kickin out the jams all day on his bad ass cooler.

Because Race Cahhh…

The guys from Epic Tuning brought their AWD Civic that hits 10s on street tires… Think about that!

VIP status…

These are some bad ass Integras!

But this ones takes the cake!!

MC Slicks Civic has this crazy color combo that I love and the old school Work Ewings really set it off.

I just love that front end.

This setup never gets old.

These Civics were serious!

These Preludes no whats up.

CCW’s are kind of played out but when they are on a car that isn’t played it out it makes everything A okay!! haha

Damn I love these 8th Gens!


Mugen CRZ I can dig it.

Bag it!!

There were Hatch Backs of all kinds but here were my favs!

Thats its for my coverage , for the full album of Honda Day go to F2DRI FaceBook and check out all the photos!

About f2djeff

I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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  1. mugenmanr says:

    Thanks for the love! Keep up the good work with the blog your doing great!

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