Import Alliance 2012 Part 1

North Carolina… What can I say??? I loved it!! This was my first time coming down to beautiful Charlotte and trust me it wont be my last. When I heard that the Import Alliance Summer meet was being moved I was kind of excited. Sometimes its good to switch things up a bit, I know some people were pretty butt hurt about adding a couple more hours to their drive. For those of you who were to scared to make the drive you definitely missed out, The Zmax dragway was an awesome venue and the vendor area under the bleachers was like a big automotive social. Even though the size of the venue wasnt as big as Nashville  the quality of the cars made up for. This was my 3rd Import Alliance and It wont be my last, Check out my coverage and enjoy!! and I left our marks on the chalkboard Hard Body Nissan.

When the 370z came out I wasnt all that crazy about it, but when done up like this how could you not love it!

This big body BMW came out in complete Boss mode!

Now thats how you do an RX8!

18×10 and 18×12 Work Equips… Those flares were completely necessary!

The Supra crews came out to play! I would estimate a good 3000+ HP between all of these guys.

Check out the stance and the finish on the COR Forged wheels… FRESH!


Real Si-R Civics have always had a special place in my heart and this one definitely found its way in there!

Its amazing what a Fresh set of Works can do for an otherwise normal 240.

These rare Desmond Verse’s looking amazing on this VW.

The Desmond Regamaster can make an already Fresh car just look so amazing.

Here is a true Neck Breaker, The NSX with the sorcery kit is money all day!

I’ve seen this car a couple of times in NY and it I love it more and more every time I see it!

You can never go wrong with a set of Jlines.

Twin Dragons!

Did someone really just do this? Yup and I’m not hating it!

Nothing like a Sunday Cruise…

This 240 looks like its ready for Battle!

I’m just gonna leave this here..

Godzilla on the Prowl!

The only time the other H will be accepted!

Left hand Supra shifting…

This Wagon was doing work!!

Hid buddy wasnt doing too bad either…

People may hate but im going to Love!

Perfect EM1…

Spectrum Silver SSR’s killing it on this Silvia.

Being Blue never felt so good…

Doing it right!


Hella concave!

Ohhh  Yes!


IAG Performance has been busy this year!

Check back for Part 2 coming up soon!

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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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