Honda Fest 2012

Honda Fest 2012 has come and now its gone. Its sad to see it go cause I had such a great time, but all good things must come to an end as they say. When you think of Hondas and the North East the words “Quality” are not exactly synonymous, but thats okay because within all the rough are enough diamonds to really shine through and shine they did! The rooftop VIP section really stood out from the rest of the show and for good reason almost all the best cars were up there, including the F2D Corner where we had 2 first place trophies and 1 second place given away.

The weekend of Honda Fest actually was a pretty big deal for me,  July 8th the day of the show marked the 2 year anniversary of my first blog post which was Import Alliance 2010. So having my first Fresh2DeathRI booth at a show was a big deal for me and I think it went really well. The cars were great, the people were great, F2D shirts were sold and it was just over all an awesome day! Continue spreading the word and lets hope for plenty more years of Freshness!

Gasper took home 2nd place Integra and I’m sure I don’t have to point out why…

Jesse came out in everyone’s favorite V6 Integra Sedan… Fresh!! He held its own next to the NSX.

The guys from my job came out and showed off their Fresh cars…

First up is Rogers Wide Body NSX, he took home a first place trophy. I mean how could this car not? Just look at it!

You might remember Joe B he has the black 10 second sleeper Integra, well he decided to bring out his other daily. Supercharged S2k sitting on TE37s… I don’t think he knows the meaning of going slow hahaha

I’m sure you guys remember Bens Mugen Si from the photo shoot with Aubrey! If not check out the link HERE.

Javi came out with his Canada spec SiR stanced on a fresh set of BBS’s

Thanks to all the Logical Madness guys who came out and parked with the booth, thanks to everyone else who came out and parked with us too. Stay F2D!!

Precision Fab’s fresh S2K!

I love the BYS lip and wing combo!

CCW’s made their presence at Honda Fest.

Damn I’m loving the look of this, who knew OEM wheels could look so good!

The homie Daniel always knows whats up when it comes to building a Honda. He recently bought this TSX and converted it to Honda Accord spec, and added some Fresh Volk CE28’s. Be on the look out for more of this car!

My mouth is watering looking at all these Fresh Integras, this makes me want to have mine back out on the road again!!

Team Emotion Brought out 2 of their Fresh Wild to Mild cars.

Wobbie always turns heads when he rolls through, even at a Honda Show… Respect!

Such a perfect combo of color and wheels on this RSX.

Another car with a great combo of color and wheels… FRESH!

This is kind of crazy… Not sure how feel about the stance on this :-/

The NSX doesn’t need much to stand out and this one proves that perfectly!

K-powered,caged, and fully built… This EM2 is the epitomy  of BAD ASS!

Jeff’ rocking some Fresh TE-37s and a bad ass Full Race turbo setup on his RSX. If this car had wings I’m sure it would take flight!

Jonathan’s Mugen’d out RSX… FRESH!

Lindsey Racing made a last-minute appearance in her Fresh RSX! Here is my Paparazzi shot of her from the top of the garage…

Eat Sleep Race came out and sold some of their Fresh merchandise… I love that truck!!

Yum Yums from supplied the best model a guy like me could ask for! Aubrey Nicole is one of the coolest girls to work with and very serious about her modeling. Here she is rocking her F2DRI tank and giving the Sun a run for its money! Very Hot!!

JMC Fab chillen at the booth holding down the decal game! My interns (on the right) did a great job that day selling F2D Tshirts and giving out Rice Krispies treats.


Gasper literally holding it down at the tent haha Our tent almost took flight a couple of times…

Electro doing his best male model impression with Aubrey! haha

Import Evolution is September 9th make sure to check that out! And dont forget to check out Bry’s Recession car show going on at the UTI campus in Norwood July 28th. Check out my coverage from last years Recession Car Show 2011.

Aubrey with some of the guys from my job and their fresh cars behind them! Is just me or did the owners purposely dress to match their cars?… haha

Congrats to the guys who parked at the F2D booth who walked away with some well deserved trophys!

Thanks Aubrey Nicole for coming out and doing your thing! Thank you to Yum Yums from for helping me out with everything, the booth wouldn’t have been what it was with out your help!

Thanks to my Interns who came out and did work!

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