About Fresh2DeathRI

Welcome To Fresh 2 Death RI (F2D),

The purpose of this blog is to showcase the best that Rhode Island and New England have to offer. Rhode Island is the smallest state but there are alot of quality cars here and New England as a whole has alot to offer. This blog will find the best and bring you event coverage from New England and where ever my travels may take me.

-Jeff Aldana

Contact: info@fresh2deathri.com

5 Responses to About Fresh2DeathRI

  1. Aaron says:

    Hey i have a 6th gen, 2001 Honda Accord 4dr V6.
    I like to join your events or meet ups!
    I live in Rhode Island, it seems not much going on here.
    I just go to broad street to see drag racers that`s all.
    If you reply me back, i will be appreciated.

    • jeffromeo says:

      Well I do an annual meet. Once I have it all planned I will publicly announce it, if you follow the Fresh2DeathRI facebook its the best way to stay updated with all the events I go to. Thanks for your support!

  2. Aaron says:

    Thanks i will..

  3. Angel Rivera says:

    Hello hope everything is good on ur end, I just wanted to know what ever happend to the hard parking meets in Worcester’s union station??? There was only one of some many days that it was poppin, and now I have gone to the otheres after and its dead r they still going on or where there they moved to a different location??? September, 14 is the last one according to the flyer u guys have up I want to go but I would like to know if its even going to be on…

  4. f2djeff says:

    Hi Angel, I’m honestly not sure what happened to the hard parking meets. The best place to check would be on Hondasofnewengland.com thats where it originated. I doubt there will be anything going on the 14th.

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