Bakerz FMP 2012

I’ve been pretty involved in the local car scene way before F2DRI was even a thought in my mind, I want to say 06-07 was the first time I had a hand in throwing  a meet together.  Since  then ive been putting together events almost yearly with the help from friends, some have been good and others have been okay. The reason I bring this up is because I heard people bad mouthing the Bakerz FMP meet because the NYPD shut it down early. I don’t think people realize how hard it is to set up any sort of meet and have any type of success at it. Personally I applaud Bakerz for doing this meet and having the quality and amount of cars  attend and still have success.

This year the weather was kind of iffy but the sun ended up shining through and the rain that was in the forecast was nowhere in sight. I got to the meet somewhat early so I could avoid long lines and watch the cars rolling in, I was really impressed with the cars that showed up. New York and the whole Tri-state always have great style and I never hesitate to take the 3 hour drive down. Hopefully next year there will be a bigger venue and co-operation from NYs finest, but till then enjoy all the Freshness that was the Bakerz FMP 2012 meet.

How I love old school  BBB’s (Big Body Benz)

Lexus SC outfitted with Work Varianza A6S’s provided by the North East’s premier Japanese wheel supplier RavSpec.

G35 on air..

Team SunWorks matte 350z looking Fresh!

Not your everyday Toyota Sienna…. (Do it TIM!!!)

Bakerz got down with some of the Freshest CRV’s I’ve seen.

Acura EL and Honda Domani front ends have always been a favorite of mine, these guys had some great executions….

Not many cars can pull off carbon fenders but something about this S2000 does it for me. Maybe its the Fresh CCW’s??

Uhhhhh I’m not exactly sure what the F*uck is going on here….?????  SMH

This Acura is looking sooooo Fresh on these concave Vossen wheels. Vossen is definitely an up and coming wheel company with nice original designs that cater well to the stance community.

The Acura’s were out in full force!

Fresh Stanced Accords…

You guys remember Tres Equis and Jose from their feature earlier this year. Still looking just as Fresh and if the Type R looks different its cause its Jose’s OTHER Type R !! haha

Japanese Heavy Hitters!

“Ohh Yeah?”

I have a thing for older Volvo’s especially when they are done like this… Check out the engine setup!!

So much JDM Goodness from this 240sx!

Rob from VRACEWORKS in New York has this Honda Tuning featured Fresh Coupe that would make people from Honda Scenes all over the world drool… I met Rob at Bakerz and he was cool enough to let me leave some HondaFest flyers on his radiator support, its cool to meet enthusiasts who are chill and willing to contribute to making the scene better.


I count about 8 broken necks in this pic hahaha…

I’ll give respect where respect is due. Being an Integra owner I am really picky when I see others, but this Integra Girl’s DC is a perfect execution of what simple and clean Integra should be. Fellas and Ladies take notes!

This FG2 rocking those white Regamasters like a champ! Sooo Fresh

I swear you only see stuff like this in NY, this guy had a whole Hot Dog stand in the back of his convertible CRX hahaha

Loving the look of this VW and I’m glad to see he changed it up with CCW Smoothies definitely a Fresh wheel!

This Si-R’d has alot of good suff going on, I’m feeling the white on white BBS’s!

As for this…. This reminds of the early 90’s, its kinda cool haha

So much OEM goodness from this legit Ferio…

I wish more people would see the potential EM2’s have…. @JDM_Leche knows whats up!


Here is the NYPD van telling everyone to leave in a very polite manner… I actually got pulled over on 5th ave by one of these vans last year haha I was very confused to say the least.

Less than 25 days left till Honda Fest! July 8th is the date and the F2D/JMCFab booth is going to be where it’s at!  I will have F2D shirts for sale and I will be giving out F2D Cookies! I mean who doesn’t love a F2D Cookie? Also the main attraction at the booth will be the Lovely F2D girls provided by one of my favorite blogs!!

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