EFI Logics Mega Meet 2012

I became familiar with EFI logics last year when I went to the Wicked Big Meet, I didn’t realize how big of a name they were until I saw the huge display and all the cars with EFI decals and banners. I knew what to expect from EFI. They do a lot of Subie work, but that’s not all they are limited to. They do work on pretty much any car you can think of, since they have a Mustang AWD (a.k.a the dream killer) dyno they aren’t limited at all. I actually almost missed this meet. I heard about it a while back but I completely forgot about it until my friend  Yum Yums from BoostAndBoobs brought it up to me the night before. So once I found out I hit up F2D Hess and my boy JC from CT and the next morning I was off to EFI.

I rolled up and saw a really nice industrial park like area, EFI has a good size shop with 6 bays. They had a real nice setup with a DJ and grill  serving up the basic burger and hotdog combo. Aside from the music playing you had the nice sounds of cars revving and the rollers on the dyno whining and of course the chatter of people taking guesses on power numbers. EFI logics is definitely a gem as far as shops of any kind go, it seems they know what they are doing and have the equipment and knowledge to produce quality. Make sure to check them out at www.efilogics.com!

Loving these bug eyes..

Im feeling the gold 5Zigen wheels on this, great choice on wheels.

This widebody STi looks like it can do some damage the track.

Nice looking camo wrap.

That Bait Bait Bait Bait…

Legacys on Fresh wheels, thats wtf im talking about!

Subarus new cousin, the Scion FR-s

This body style has really grown on me lately.

But this style EVO will always be favorite.

This Camaro was Dope! It has some sort of spoiler kit sitting on some Forged Vossen Wheels. Dont  be fooled by the looks this car its completely all go. This SS is Vortech Supercharged, and has suspension work. The owner regularly does track days and beats it up as everyone should do with a Camaro. FRESH!

Baby seat chillen in the back.

No lambo doors,No bentley front end, No 26s… This is how all Chrysler 300’s should look.

My child hood dream car… I will never forget Eddie Murphy whippin this like a mad man in the Nutty Professor.

Not everyone’s cup of tea but I’m in for a refill!


Those Fifteen52 snowflakes looking fresh on this Cabrio.

I think this slammed Volvo put down some good numbers on the dyno. Dont sleep these…

New to old, I’ll take them all!

Supra single turbo on Volks… Thats a classy dude!

Static S2000. The cast NUE Rotiforms are growing on me but some TMBs would look sick on this!

My homie JC’s slammed CRZ that you might remember from a while back, Be on the look out for this he has some tricks  up his sleeve!

Imma big fan of Si-R bumpers and Midori Hatch backs, I just wish this one had real wheels on it!

F2D Hess finally stopped photobombing my pics and snapped this picture of me with a Fresh BoostandBoobs.com T shirt, It’s very scandy if you take a close look haha the Turbo Nipples are awesome!

So after me and Hess left we made a pit stop to Teds Restaurant in Meriden, CT where they make Steamed Burgers.  I kid you not! the best burger I’ve ever had, it was like so clean tasting and the white cheddar is also steamed so its soft and just full of amazing! Ohhhh and after that on my way back to Providence one of CT’s state troopers was nice enough to give me a 92 dollar speeding ticket…. Which reminds I need to pay that haha. I had great time though can’t wait to make another pit stop to this place…

Don’t forget to check out Honda Fest coming up July 8th where I will have a Booth and the BoostAndBoobs.com Girls Aubrey Nicole and Ann Marie will be there looking hot like they always do!

Sneak peek at the shoot me and Yums Yums did with the girls…

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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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