Cars And Coffee Boston May

Who doesn’t love exotic and rare cars?  I know I love the exhaust note of an Italian super car banging gears down the road. I got up around 6am to get to Brookline for 7ish. Going down the VFW Pkway, I was able to catch glimpses of what was to come before I arrived at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum.

Pulling into the Anderson Estate definitely got me excited because of the caliber of cars I knew were going to be there. I pulled up and instantly saw cars that made me happy: an NSX, a GT40, a Pantera, a Porsche, a GTR. I knew when I saw these cars sitting in front of the Museum that I was really in for something that morning. I parked my car and what I saw around me were long landscaped lawns and what used to be the Anderson Family Carriage House which has now become The Larz Anderson Auto Museum on the Anderson Estate. It was a gorgeous day on a beautiful estate which couldn’t have been a more perfect backdrop for the cars that were there.

I parked on the side and found this old taxi hanging out.

2 cool looking Motorcycles, 2 very different price tags haha

The Mid Engines made it out…

They dont make em like they used to…

Molto Bella!

The German cars had the strongest showing at Cars and Coffee for sure…

USA all day!!!

The Desoto is beautiful car especially for its time, people drive these around Cuba like they’re Corollas haha

Turbo Z on SSR’s, this thing must be a beast!

Interesting wheel choice, I’ve never seen FIVE axis wheels in person. Im definely feeling them on this G!

Supra on CCW’s, always a great look!

This is so simple but has so much going on at the same time… This is a perfect Daily!

Caught a glimpse of these cars in the basement of the carriage house, for those of you who can see whats going on here you already know…

Here is a bronze Bust of the man him self Larz Anderson.

The Larz Anderson Auto Museum hosts events all the way into the fall, some of the most popular are PorscheFest, German Car day, Tutto Italiano, and my personal favorite Japanese Car day! You can find the full event list here Larz Anderson Lawn Events.

Coming up on F2DRI is the EFI Logics Mega Meet from this past weekend, and you can also catch me at the Bakerz Meet going down in Flushing Meadows Queens this Sunday in NY. I have a really busy month ahead of me and i’m sure you guys will enjoy whats to come! Dont forget to come check us out at F2D booth July 8th at Honda Fest, has supplied the beautiful models and there will also be free F2D giveways. Make sure you dont miss it!

Check out the girls here on!

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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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