Staggered 2012

I’m glad to say I finally made it to the Staggered car show. Last year my boy F2D Taco was kind enough to share his Staggered 2011 coverage with us for the blog. When I saw the pics he gave me, I knew that there was no way I could miss Staggered 2012.

I’ve always been a fan of how cars look on really low-cut grass and what better place to do that than a golf course driving range. This show reminds me of a Concours D’Elegance just without the million dollar cars. Another thing that I LOVED was that you could drink beer and LQ at this show. Now let’s do this math, Beer & LQ + Cars = a really good time! The best part was I didn’t see anyone acting like a drunk fool so that means people can drink responsibly and have a good time with cars. Who would have thought huh? LoL.  Anyways, the coverage speaks for itself. I can’t wait for next year’s Staggered and hopefully I will have my car ready for then.

These dudes really like Borbet wheels, Fresh Choice!

Uhhhh yeah! That just happened LMAO NSFW! Booth looking legit with that bagged Audi…

Bag Riders showing off their work…

Drift Faction has done work!

Bagged WRX on Image Wheels?!?! I heart this…

VIP GS on Wald Wheels. Its sitting lower since the last time we saw it at the F2D Summer Send Off.

I can’t get enough of this Black Edition Benz…

I was looking forward to seeing this car on the green, and now I know why!

For some reason one my top searches on F2DRI is “Volvo Stance” and I can’t really figure out why? But! for those of you searching I give you some Stanced Volvos!

I’ll be honest, I completely wrote these 300zx’s off as being relevant in today scene cause not many people really mess with these. BUT then I saw this and it reminded me of how awesome these cars really are… This car gets a round of applause from me, you can tell this car has had a lot of time and effort put into it.

Here is another car that I wrote off in todays scene. This Celica is also rocking one of my top favorite Work Wheels. Its color combo, engine, and interior are all up to par with everything going on today. This car gets another Round of applause!!

I’m happy to see this car comes out to shows, it belongs to the Late Alexi DeRochambeau who passed last year. His family and friends have kept his memory alive by showcasing his amazing RHD VW Golf nick named “Blue”. You can learn more about Alexi and his car by visiting and supporting

Yeah now that is a Fresh Miata…

Rotiform TMB’s are one of my favorite wheels out right now, this Infiniti just does justice to these wheels.

One of the finest E30’s in the North East. I’ve seen this car a lot this year which means it’s a driver for sure!

I’m liking the Red CCW’s I can’t say ive seen any in that color before.

Probably one of the best looking MK1 Rabbits I have ever seen.

3 Fresh bugs 3 different styles, I like them all!

Here is a good way to Recycle OEM wheels 🙂

I’m not crazy about Gallardo’s but the exhaust note is just music to my ears…

You can see how much of a variety was at the show, definitely something for everyone.

That’s it for staggered I have almost 200 pics from that day so make sure to check out the full gallery over at the F2DRI FaceBook and tag your self.

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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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  1. Thank you so much for including Alexi’s car in your coverage. Let us know if you would like us to bring the car to a local event this summer we would be glad to come out.

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