UConn Car Show 2012

Spring is a great time for everyone (except those of you with allergies haha), the weather is getting warmer and everyone starts to come out of hibernation. But it wouldn’t be Spring without alittle rain which was the case the night before, but by the AM the clouds were going away and the sun had come out to play just in time for the show. As always the UConn Car show is my favorite way to start off the year, UConn Carshow 2011 was really good but I was still learning my camera at that time so I don’t feel I did the show justice.

This year on the other hand was a different story, I’m way more comfortable taking photos now and I think it shows. What I love about the UConn show is the variety of cars that show up, this year there was everything from a Honda Civic to an Australian market Ford Falcon. If you have never checked out the  UConn show you before make sure mark the date on your calendars next year, it only gets better and better as the years pass.

The Dominos Monkey running around, I know this guy had to be hot in that suit!

Sorry if you see this car all the time on F2D, Andy’s Miata is just too Fresh not to! He tells me there are new wheels coming soon… but he wont tell me what, not even a hint! Come on man I wanna know!!!

The NH single turbo Supra’s came back out for Uconn that weekend, I was chillen with these dudes and the lovely founder of BoostandBoobs.com the night before at a lake house in Coventry and these dudes know how to get in… What up guys!

I love these Supermoto bikes, the rider actually made the trip down from Vermont!

I got a chance to chat with the guys from the UConn Formula SAE  program and I never realized how bad ass these guys were. They pretty much built almost 100% of the race car in school, we’re talking about welding,CAD/CNC, engine tuning, carbon fiber work all done in-house at the University. Check the build out on they’re FaceBook.

Turbo Camaro rolling in…

Such a bad ass car, The owner said he saved this Australian market Ford Falcon in a junk  yard Down Under and had it shipped here where he made it into the beauty we see today.

This beautiful GT40 unfortunately had to be towed away after an incident getting to the show which left him with a busted oil pan, ohh well  its all good. Shit happens I’m sure he can afford to fix it haha

This Mustang couldn’t be more legit, it’s not everyday you see a Mustang with the dash signed by the  legendary man himself Carroll Shelby.

There always has to be that one cool guy at the show… SMH

Back to something classy… This is my homeboys Civic hatch that ive literally  been waiting years to see come back out and the wait was totally worth it… I love it! Just wait till you see his Bros Integra which should be coming back out soon too and is equally as Fresh.

I caught this Fresh TL Type-S on Volk TE-37s in the over flow parking across the road from the UConn show. I guess we now know why the chicken crossed the road haha

This S2K is so Crispy and Clean, ive had the opportunity to get a good look at it when its come to  my dealership for maintenance work. Hands down  the best S2k engine bay ive seen yet.

I really like this S2k I just wish all the carbon fiber was painted, it would bring this car to a whole different level of Fresh.

Loving the Work Rezax!


Words can not express how I feel about this AP1 on BBS’s… 🙂

This Civic sitting Flush on Rotiform NUE Cast’s stopped me in my tracks the second I saw it…

I’m just a sucker for these Nissan’s and on BBS’s just forget about it!

This Zebra themed Sentra just one up’d everyone with a 6 lug Exterra wheel haha  I like!

It’s a damn shame we never got these Nissan Pulsar’s.

She Got that red top, just like Rhianna!

These Subies were getting Emotional…

The ECS Performance bug eye race car looks like it could do some damage.

Seeing this Bug reminds of being in L.A riding down Figueroa…

I love J.Line wheels and this Audi does it right!

Everything is awesome about Wobbies E30! So Fresh..

Aplina E30 pretty awesome right??

It only gets better!

Mini Cooper and a Lotus Esprit, can someone pass me the Tea and Crumpets??

I was surprised to see a Bricklin SV-1 at the show, not many of these are around today. I think like less than 3000 of there were made and if im not mistaken people used to get stuck in these cars cause of the power gull-wing doors would fail then add the 100 pound doors, sounds like a recipe for disaster!

That about wraps it up for the UConn Car show. I’m going to be busy with upcoming meets, shows and Features this summer so make sure you keep up to date with F2D by Liking the Fresh2DeathRI FaceBook Page. Also check out the Full gallery for the UConn show and make sure to tag yourself!

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6 Responses to UConn Car Show 2012

  1. Jeremy Murray says:

    Great pictures!

  2. T-RedTurbo says:

    Great pictures! A word of advice with editing, photoshopping out license plates is always a nice favor. Not everone wants their plate on the internet. Thanks for the pics and write up!

    • f2djeff says:

      Thanks for checking out my site. I know that editing the plates is a nice favor but its also time consuming and when there are over 200 pics to edit its tough, I always have and always will oblige to anyone who requests their plates to be blocked or have a picture taken off. But realistically people see the plates at a show and they see it when you are riding down the road its an inevitable thing and I have honestly through out my 73 posts and 1000+ photos taken have only had to 2 requests to do so.

  3. Nick says:

    Thanks for a shout about the UConn FSAE team! I’m a member and it means a lot to see some love from the community. Wish us luck, were headed to comp in Michigan real soon ,then off to Canada shortly after.

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