Hard Parking Monthly Meet 2012

Ever since I started this blog ive always been on the look out for meets and shows to go to, and the Hard Parking meet in Worcester has always been there to bring out some of the freshest cars in the area on a monthly basis. Over the years this meet has grown from a small get together in a park and ride

to the meet we have now at a Parking garage over looking the city. If you’re reading this and you havent been yet make sure you come check it out and bring your friends too, for the full 2012 schedule  make sure to check it out here.

I wonder if you can kick flip this? probably not!

Here is this Fresh single turbo Supra that came down from NH with my good friend from BoostandBoobs.com, be on the look out for more of this car.

Rx7 on Racing Hart C2’s, I always wanted these wheels back in high school. It’s good to see people are still keeping these wheels alive!

Team XXX Racings turbo RSX race car.

I just can’t get sick of Andy’s Miata…

I work next to a Ford Dealership and I always see Ford Focus’s and wonder what they would look like stanced out, well I got my answer and I like!

The guys (& girls) from So Honda Garage came out, there is no mistaking those windshield banners.

The homie Dan reppin F2D with his Fresh hoody. (if you’re wondering why he’s driving like this its cause he’s so tall and he can’t fit inside haha)

Some really Fresh TSX’s came out.

I was not expecting to see this under the hood of a Type R, very interesting!

Euro anyone?

There were a lot more cars on the upper deck of the parking garage but for some reason there were no lights up there and I wasnt crazy about the way the photos were coming out so I stuck to the parking levels that were lit well. May 18th is the next Monthly  Hard Parking meet so make sure to check to that out.


About f2djeff

I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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2 Responses to Hard Parking Monthly Meet 2012

  1. NotAFiesta says:

    2012 MKIII Focus, not a Fiesta. Fiestas are smaller and cheaper.

  2. cobrawannabe says:

    That’s not a Fiesta. Nice shots, though!

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