F2D Guatemala 2012

I’m on my plane to Guatemala after 4 years and thinking that I have 1 mission–document and expose the car scene in Guatemala. I met up with Alejandro (the brother in law of Tres Equis who is the owner the AE86 Trueno I shot earlier this year in CT) and we went up to achuapa to check out the races.

We went to the event and it was insane. The racing at this particular event was 1/4 mile racing but there were no times posted that I saw at least, it was pretty much legal street racing because they just pretty much shut down a  main road in the city of Achuapa and let people race on it. There are absolutely NO safety measures, people just freely standing on the side of the road, Gallo beer being served to racers and spectators(guilty as charged). No cops or security in site. Reckless? Check. Dangerous? Definitely. Safe? questionable, but no body got hurt and it was a lot of fun. What I was watching was something that would never slide in the US, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

What I saw and what I captured on camera were people from a different country, loving what I love back home. I met alot of cool like-minded people with FRESH cars that everyone would probably be drooling over no matter what country they were in. Thanks to everyone who showed love and repped F2D especially all the guys from VelocidadMaxima.com.

If you couldn’t tell people like their Evos in Guatemala.

F2D Reppin and Gallo sippin!

Me on the left taking a beer break with the homie Alejandro.

Here is a car that I would have never expected to see in Guatemala, a Suzuki Kei car straight from Japan from Team JDM Guatemala. I like!!

This Corolla was new to me its a RHD hatchback with a 20 valve Twin Cam so it must move pretty good.

Ready to go!

A RHD Toyota Glanza on some pretty fresh Nismo wheels.

These slicks have seen better days…

This CRX made the trip out from El Salvador.

This Hatch was pretty clean, word is its running B20V on the bottle so it must be pretty fast.

Portable drag trees and palm trees.

To much grip from the slicks so no smoke here haha

Smoke up those tires!

Glanza Starlets going at it…

If you follow Fresh2DeathRI then you know how much I love Hondas, seeing a 96 Integra Type R and an Accord Euro R going at it was pretty F*cking awesome! The Integra whooped ass but that’s to be expected haha

So thats it for my trip to Guatemala as far as the car scene goes, and to be completely honest this is barely a taste of what Guatemala and Central America have to offer as far as racing and Fresh cars. Hopefully in the near future I can go back and get more, but for now this will have to do. For the full gallery make sure to check out the Fresh2DeathRI Facebook.

About f2djeff

I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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