Import Alliance 2011 The Lost Ones…

So when I saw that Import Alliance announced the new date for the 2012 IA in North Carolina I decided to take a trip down memory lane and look through my coverage of IA 11, upon doing so I happened to come across a bunch of Fresh photos that I never got around to editing. So here is some lost bonus coverage of last years Import Alliance Summer Meet in Nashville, if you didn’t see part 1 and part 2 hit up the links below.

Import Alliance 2011 Part 1

Import Alliance 2011 Part2

This Civic is so simple and Fresh its amazing how far a drop, TE-37 Volks, and Mugen Spats can take a cars appearance.

Loving the Rotiform BLQ’s

RC Starks on a Type R…. Game Over!

Supercharged EG6 looks like it could do some damage on a track.

Speaking of track cars, check out Papaya Motorsports hatch now this thing looks like a track  monster.

This Fit really separates its self from all the rest.

Prelude rolling in…  I think we got a NO LIMIT fan here haha

Relax and take notes…

Couple more centimeters and the Smurf is laying headers on pavement.

S2Ks going hard at Import Alliance especially the last one on Lambo wheels.

Euros were looking good at Import Alliance.

My favorite color Grams, I’m already missing my white 57 Maximums I just sold… :-/

Feeling the Urban Camo.


CCWs looking good on this EVO 11.

Now THAT is a Cube that I would rock on a daily.

OHHH how the times have changed for American cars… I’ll take the 71 Chevelle all day!

Trust me I covered her face cause not even a bottle of Tennessee’s finest Jack could make her look good, but that side boob looks great! hahaha

These are some of the last images I caught of the cars leaving on the last day, you already know how Import Alliance gets down.

So those were the Lost Ones…  For more info on Import Alliance you can check out the Import Alliance FaceBook and keep up to date on all their meets.

For all my followers from Guatemala and surrounding countries stay tuned I’m going to be announcing the April date for my first ever Meet outside the U.S in Guatemala. I’m really excited to go down and see all the Fresh cars that Guatemala has to offer and im sure you guys will be in for a treat when I show you guys the coverage.

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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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2 Responses to Import Alliance 2011 The Lost Ones…

  1. I’m partial to the Merc. Really liked the urban camo. Wish I could see it close up. Unique color for the Fit. Loved the neon rims. And def like the sideboob and pretending her face looks like Adriana Lima. Thank you for protecting us.

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