Tres Equis Panda Trueno

Tres Equis for the non spanish speaking is translated into XXX, and this car for me is the epitome of car porn. In this case Tres Equis is the nickname of the owner of this beautiful imported AE86 Toyota Trueno (HachiRoku) straight from Ebisu, Japan. I found out about this car in somewhat of an odd way, one of  my cousins was on (A Guatemalan Forum) and he showed me photos of the car and it turns out the Trueno wasnt in Guatemala but only a 2 hour ride down 95 in southern CT. Once I found out the car was within driving distance I contacted Tres Equis and we setup the shoot and he turned out to be really cool dude.

Tres Equis is actually an agent for PowerVehicles which is a Japanese company that deals with vehicle sourcing, building & tuning, drift competition assistance, drift prep, drift car rentals,drift lessons, and he’s been importing cars to Guatemala through PowerVehicles for sometime now. This Trueno was actually sitting at the legendary Ebisu Circuit which is  home to PowerVehicles and Drift Team Orange, so you know this car isn’t just a show queen its most likely been put through the ringer at one of the top drift tracks in the world at one point or another.

It’s so awesome to just sit there and look at the car cause it’s really just something you don’t see out here done in this fashion.

These RS-Watanabe wheels are just such a classic wheel that always look so perfect on Corollas of this era.

Under the hood is all business with a set of ITBs and headers.

Tres Equis’s friend tagged along with his Supercharged Type R and for people who follow  F2D you already know I have a soft spot for Integras especially Type R’s…

2 performance driven cars from 2 different eras, I love it!

The interior is pretty awesome too definitely all business.

This was my first time really attempting to do rolling shots and I think they came out absolutely awesome, and it was kinda like photographing a real life Initial D haha

The man Tres Equis himself with his Fresh Panda…

I wanna thank Tres Equis and Jose for letting me shoot their cars, it’s always awesome to meet people who share the same views that I do and I’m really looking forward to meeting up with them this summer for other events and shoots. Speaking of events and shoots I am going to Guatemala in April and Tres Equis has put me in contact with his family who also have JDM cars out there. I’m planning on setting up a meet and getting some features so the followers of F2D and everybody in general can see what the scene is like out there.

Don’t Forget to check out the Fresh2DeathRI FaceBook for the complete gallery of this shoot, and if anyone is serious about importing cars you can hit up Tres Equis at and he would be the guy you want to talk to.

About f2djeff

I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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5 Responses to Tres Equis Panda Trueno

  1. J Alvarez says:

    Thanks for comin out to check out the cars… I would let you know when my other two type R’s are done so you can do a shoot of them.

  2. Mario says:

    Nice ride man ,, clean as @#$% 502 rules

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