Staggerd 2011 CT

Theres snow on the ground and its about 22 degrees outside, yup it’s officially WINTER!! So I figured ide save some of last summers coverages to give us people in the colder states a little taste of what warm weather looks like. I actually couldn’t attend Staggered last year cause I had to work, but my boy F2D Taco was kind enough to get some coverage for me. Staggered 2011 was held in Somers CT at a golf course, that’s actually a pretty good idea cause you have super low grass and super low cars. From the coverage I got it looks like there were plenty of Fresh cars in attendance, if they do the meet in 2012 ill make sure not to miss it.

Fresh pink Rotiform BLQ’s on a TDI Jetta cup edition.

Old School HRE’s

You can see the VW’s came out on their A game.

This Audi looks sick on these LM’s.

BBS LM-R’s are one of my all time favorite wheels and this BMW pulls it off flawlessly.

One of the Freshest VIP CL500’s ive seen.

Love to see this Z.

This S2000 looks like it’s all about Function.

F2D Hess’s Hatch when it had the SW388’s and no BYS wing.

Thats it for Staggered, once these guys announce the date for 2012 ill make sure to post it up. As far as whats going on for F2D in 2012, ive decided not to go to Wekfest in San Fran and the plan now is to take it international for spring break so once I can confirm what I have planned you guys will be the first to know. I also have a shoot that was supposed to happen on saturday but because it snowed so much it didn’t happen, its postponed for next weekend and you guys are really in for a treat if the shoot goes through.

Dont forget to check out the full coverage of Staggered 2011 on the Fresh2DeathRI FaceBook page.

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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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5 Responses to Staggerd 2011 CT

  1. Yep, I left New England and am Working on my tan in Miami for 11 days right now. Thanks for the car candy. Any Supras come by? All my guy friends up there are Supra owners. Don’t know how strong the numbers are in RI though. Thanks for reminding us summer is going to come and car meets will happen.

    Wow. That is some total bs. Please tell your friend I feel so bad for this sh*tty situation that he’s going through. Seriously, you feel so violated and just pissed. A friend of mine had his single turbo supra stolen….from HIS driveway overnight…in New Hampshire. It can happen anywhere and anytime. Damn. Tell your boy that the*ssholes that did this will get what they deserve. Karma.


  2. Oops! Sorry! Accidentally pasted my comment to another car enthusiast whose friend’s car got stole at a dragstrip.


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  4. JC says:

    I am interested in the black wheels as the one on the CL500 pictured.
    Thank you,

  5. f2djeff says:

    Hey JC those are Work Varianza T1s. Go for it dude!

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