Wicked Hard Parkin Meets

If you’re from New England or have seen movies with bad New England accents then you have probably heard the term “Wicked”, its pretty much what “Hella” is to the Bay Area. That being said I bring to you just one of the many Wicked Hard Parkin meets that go on in Worcester,MA If im not mistaken 2011 marks the 3rd year running.  The name of the meet pretty much sums up what it’s all about, come to the meet and “Hard Park” if you don’t know what that means ill break it down further, just “pahhhk yaaa cahhh!” and chill and bullshit with your homies. I don’t attend every single meet this one in particular was in September but I do make it out to a couple when ever I can, they usually run Monthly between March and October so if your local you should try to make it out.

Not many people get down with Altimas but throw on some Rotiforms, a drop and you got yourself something pretty Fresh.

Something about Bentley wheels that just make VW’s look soooo Fresh.

How bout this bagged MK6.

Fresh BMW’s.

Andys widebody Miata looking Fresh as always. Please if you get a chance vote for this Miata on Speedhunters readers rides of 2011.

This S2k is perfect, I wouldn’t touch anything on it. I wish I had more thumbs cause they would all be up, but for now 2 will do lol

Another Fresh AP2, this one belongs to the guys over at Proper Clothing Co.

Great look!

Awesome combo!

Gaspers Fresh Integra. Hit him up for all your decal needs at JMC Fab.

Once spring comes around I’ll make sure to post up the full Wicked Hard Parkin schedule for 2012 I hope to see you guys there. If you want to see the full gallery of this meet make sure to check out the Fresh2DeathRI FaceBook and Like it to stay updated.

There isn’t much going on as far as events or features since its winter but I do have material from this year that’s unpublished, and I’m also doing my top Freshest photos of 2011 next week before the New Year so be on the look out for that.

About f2djeff

I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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4 Responses to Wicked Hard Parkin Meets

  1. Def post up their schedule when you get it! I’d be down to “pahhhk maaaa cahhh and chill and bullshit with those homies.”

    Email me when you plan to go to the meet and I’ll go down there too!


    • Thank you much. Currently enjoying the warmer weather(and scandals) in Vegas for the week.

      I’ll def make it down to a meet. I’ll be the really nerdy Asian girl looking clueless.


  2. f2djeff says:

    awesome haha I will keep an eye out

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