F2D Hess:The Freshest…

Since the start of this blog a little over a year ago I wanted it to be event coverage and features, so far up until today its been just event coverage. I’m proud to present to you a car that ive seen since day one of possession, my homie Jesse’s 94 Civic CX. The car was purchased from a Brown student that had come here from the southern West Coast, I ran the vin through CarFax and the car was maintained its whole life by Honda dealerships and since it was a West Coast car it was virtually rust free.

The bone stock Civic had come into the hands of the perfect owner, Jesse is a fan of EG6 Si-R’s and has a thing for 15 inch Japanese wheels as you can see. I’ve seen this car go through 4 sets of wheels, first he started off with white Mugen RNR’s then it was White Regamasters to Spoon SW388’s to the now highly sought after Almighty Grey Final Version Regamaster. As for the Civic itself, its been treated to some of the finer things in the Honda world such as OEM Si-R lip, headlights+clear corner, sidemoldings, muffler,JDM B16A, Gathers rear interior conversion etc… and of course the cherry on top the BYS carbon rear spoiler to set everything off. You might say im biased but I personally think this is one of the Freshest hatchbacks in the state of RI, and if you’ve seen the car in person im sure you would agree as well.

Fresh Exterior!

OEM Fresh…

And of course a Fresh interior, only thing missing is the Si-R front seats. If anyone is selling some hit me up!

This first of many F2D features to come, for the full gallery of F2D Hess’s car check out the Fresh2DeathRI FaceBook Page and don’t forget to hit that like button!

About f2djeff

I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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