Broke Down 2011 Part 2

Aside from all the Fresh Volkswagens and Audi’s that came out for broke Down there was a really good amount of non VAG cars, there was also a bar jumping contest that was pretty good too that I got some shots of. So let the Fresh resume check it out!

I’ve always been a fan of slammed trucks, this makes me miss my old slammed S10 I had in high school.

Fresh gasser Impala .

The V8 looks right at home in this RX-7.

I wanna say this is some sort of  Police edition Model T cause of the spot light in the center but I could be wrong. On another note where can I get some wooden wheels for my Integra haha j/k

Cant go wrong with a convertible Gallardo.

I’m a fan!

I’m feeling the 2 tone blue Impreza on OZ Futuras.

Static dropped  Cressida!! I’m not crazy about the wheels but I love these cars so I had to post it up.

Javi’s Fresh stanced Corolla wagon with a Touring conversion. I really like this car ive been to handful of the biggest events around the country this year and I havent seen anything like this, New England definitely holds its own!

Hard Top Miata stanced on BBS…. epitome of Fresh2Death!!

Emo RX-8…

Work Meisters make cars just look ohhh sooo Fresh.

Words can’t describe how clean Gaspers Integra is. If you need decals this is the guys to see make sure to check out his site , on that note Fresh2DeathRI decals are also sold on his site too!

Kevin’s Fresh 93 GS-R always looking good, if im not mistaken it’s also for sale.

Hatch looking good on Work Equips 03’s.

Tucked and boosted RSX looking Fresh on Fifteen52 wheels.

Perfectly stanced AP1 on CCW’s.

Here is the widebody Integra I saw earlier this year, the owner really did them selves a favor and got rid of the sportmaxx wheels it had and got some fresh CCW’s.

Slammed big body Benz…

Caged on HRE’s this car is no joke…

I love early BMW’s especially M3’s!

VIP Modular wheels look so Fresh on this 7-series.

Getting some hang time.

Piggy Banks!

That concludes Broke Down 2011, can’t wait for Broke Down 2012. Check out the Fresh2deathRI FaceBook for the full gallery of Broke Down 11 and don’t forget to hit the Like button!

Also my first feature is coming soon and trust me you wont be disappointed.

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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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