Broke Down 2011

The first time I heard about Broke Down was last year and that’s cause the first Fresh2Death event was on the same day, well this year I made sure that didn’t happen because I really wanted to see for my self all the hype behind this meet. Well let me tell you guys the hype wasnt enough, Broke Down is such an awesome event that it brings out some of the Freshest from all over the North East. The location is perfect, its free, great entertainment, the food being sold was pretty good, and it’s really something you have to see for yourself.

Here we have some of the early VW’s that showed up to Broke Down.

Broke Status MK1 holding it down on HTN wheels.

Fresh Caddy.

MK1 Jetta on some Fresh Image wheels, this was actually the first time ive come across these wheels and there were a couple other cars rocking Image’s too.


Rare Old School HRE Mesh, the only other person ive seen with these wheels is M.Burroughs.

These guys seem to think alike.

Fresh Mk2’s.

I came across these 3 piece Fifteen52 wheels, this was actually the first time ive heard of this company and I really like what I see.

Fresh Cabrio.

Shaved bumper I like!

Harlequin on Starks.

Cant get enough of the green on green.

I can honestly say ive never been excited over Rotas until I saw these. These are old school Rota Italias from back in the day when Rota had original designs and they were actually pretty cool.

Rotiform BLQ’s one of the hottest wheels of 2011.

Awesome Corrados.

More BLQ’s

This MK4 Jetta caught my attention right away, those Image wheels are so Fresh!

You can never go wrong with CCW’s.

Land Rover and Vette wheels, who would have thought they would look sooo good.

Awesome looking Passat Estate.

Loving the setup on this MK5.

I cant get over how awesome Image wheels are.

The BBS’s really complement this MK5 Jetta well.

Fresh Passat on Benz wheels.

I’ve always been a fan of the CC these have to be some of my favorites.

Some of the Fresh Audi’s that came out to Broke Down.

Thats it’s for the VAG part of Broke Down 2011, Part 2 will be all the rest of the Fresh cars that came out. If you want to see the full gallery of Broke Down 2011 check out the Fresh2DeathRI FaceBook Page and make sure to hit the Like button.


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