SHG SolFresh Oktoberfest 2011

Sunday of Oktoberfest started off pretty normal, there is usually lack of sleep and slight dehydration from partying the night before. After forcing myself out of bed I washed my car and did all the usual checks that you would normally do when taking a long trip, and I was off to the meet. About 20 minutes into driving through Connecticut I grabbed my camera and realized I had no battery…. SMH! So I wasnt going to drive all the way to the SHG(So Honda Garage) Sol Fresh meet without taking pics, that would’ve been pointless. To make a long story short, I went to 2 Best Buys looking for a battery and the charger I bought for the battery didn’t charge my new battery, luckily new battery’s have some charge and lets just say I had to make every picture count cause I had no idea when the battery was going to die on me. I ended up getting about 60 pictures off wich is about 300 less than what I normally take at  most events.

This is my 3rd SHG & SolFresh meet that ive attended and as you guys have seen from past coverage it never disappoints, the cars are always Fresh and the people are always super cool and friendly. So shout outs to all the members from both SHG &  Sol Fresh you guys always bring out some of the best the North East has to offer.

This RSX is always looking Fresh, it looks like he changed a couple of things from last time I saw it like the RE-30s, Brembos, and Mugen aero.

I’ve never been crazy about Volk RE-30s on Integras till I saw it on this one, I love how everything just flows perfectly together.

96 Spec Type R Spoon’d out, what more could you want!

Phil from Integra looking Fresh on stanced pink wheels.

I love that dusty black look of real Regamasters.

Fresh black coupes!

I love Midori civics especially when they have Si-R bumpers.

I like the color matched Volks on this DAP hatch, something you don’t see much of.

Stanced Si-R with a fresh shave and tuck, this car is on another level!

One of my favorite cars from the meet was this hatch, from the looks of it the whole car has been stitch welded to incresease the torisnal rigidity of the car. This car looks like hell of a lot of fun to drive.

Claudios hatch has  been updated since we last saw it at the F2D Summer Send off with some Spoon goodies.

SHG Fit from right here in RI looking good on K1’s.

VS-XX  and AP2s are a real good look.

Khaki faces looking Fresh on the work Equips.

I had to save the best for last, this NSX looks real aggressive with that wing. I like!

Shout outs to all the guys from SHG and Sol Fresh for always bringing out some the best Hondas in the North East. If you guys want to see the full gallery of the meet check the Fresh2DeathRI FaceBook.

Dont forget to check out the last Mass Tuning meet & greet of the year in Boston! RSVP on FaceBook.

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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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  1. -_- says:

    To bad that NSX has fake wheels on it

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