Import Face Off New England 9/25

It had been about 4 years since I had gone up to New England Dragway for any events, actually the last time I was up there I broke some valve guides in my Integra and had to drive back to Providence on barely 2 cylinders. I originally wasnt planning on attending since the F2D Summer Send off was supposed to be on that same day but I prematurely postponed due to the weather looking crappy that weekend, and we all know how that turned out lol SMH… It actually turned out to be a beautiful day, perfect for racing.

I can honestly say that I really wasnt to crazy about Import Face Off, I recall going to NED back in the mid 00’s and the events were awesome. Even the racing was kind of boring this time for the most part, but I guess after going to Englishtown and seeing all the fast cars IFO just doesn’t compare. Overall Import Face Off wasnt bad but there was a lot of hype surrounding this event and I don’t think it lived it up to it, I hope next year when IFO comes  back it really steps its game up to the level it should be. Regardless there was a good amount of Fresh cars, so check em out!

The Datsun 510 is one of my favorite old school cars of all time. This one has a lot going on, this 510 is rocking a Fresh set of Weds Autobahn’s, SR20 swap and my favorite touch is the sharpie art on the trunk.

Why does Samurai have wheelie bar?

Because Race Car! haha

Heres the 2 liter turbo swapped VW Bug again, this car is so awesome.

Farenheit inspired VR6 swapped Mk2.

I’m liking the SSR’s on this E30, I wish people would stop with the roof racks though.

I like the Ferio conversion done to this sedan with the Si-R wheels, the round fog lights as opposed to the square is a real nice touch too. OEM Fresh

Boosted EM1 on Sprint Hart CP-F’s always a great combo!

You guys might remember this real Integra XS-i from the SHG/Sol Fresh meets in NY, it looks like some one in Mass is the proud new owner of this Fresh car now.

One of my favorite cars in RI and one of the fastest Integras in New England, this car is all function! It runs 10 seconds consistently and reliably.

XXX racing RSX

Great color on this sedan, cant wait to see some wheels on this.

A car I can only hope to get my hands on one day, the 96 spec DC2-R.

Black on Black on Black!

This S2000 is probably the Freshest S2000 drag car ive seen, the paint is absolutely flawless on it. The funny thing is that this car is actually powered by a 4G63, if you want to see the build thread you can check it out here

This car always amazes me every time I see it, it’s just perfect! I think if this car went out to Cali the west coast guys would drool over this just as much as I do haha

Thew newer Acuras and Hondas looking real Fresh.

I have been trying to get a picture of this car since last year but I could never because it was usually swarmed with people, until now and for good reason!

For the whole Gallery of Import Face Off New England Dragway 9/25 check out the Fresh2DeathRI Face Book page.

This Friday make sure to check out the last Hard Parking Worcester meet of the year, if you havent been yet make sure not to miss out.

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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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