Fresh2DeathRI Summer Send Off 2011

The Fresh2DeathRI Summer Send Off has finally came and now its time to show you guys how it all went down, but first I want to thank all those who came out and showed support I hope everyone who attended enjoyed themselves. This years meet didn’t exactly go how I originally planned, I was planning an August meet in Providence but that didn’t work out.
August came and went and I knew there was no way I could finish this year without having something for you guys, and the Summer Send Off  was born. Although I prematurly postponed it the week before in fear of rain, that’s exactly what I ended up getting the  week after lol but sometimes that’s just the way life works out and you have to just go with it.

This was the hang out spot for the day, JMCFab was selling decals wich a lot of people enjoyed.

Here is Gaspers Integra, this car is extremely well-built with a lot of attention to detail.

This is Hess’s Si-R inspired teal hatch, this is another car that is extremely well-built and a lot attention has been put into making this as OEM as it can be.

These are some of the cars from Logical Madness, If you guys don’t know what Logical Madness is its pretty much a “Premium car crew”. Its better explained in my post I did last year for those who don’t remember.

Fresh2DeathRI and Logical Madness pretty much go hand in hand.

F2D Tims Fresh VR6 Jetta perfectly stanced on rare 3 piece Eclair wheels.

I’ve always been a big fan of this Fresh MK4, the color combo is perfect.

Green on Green, nuff said!

Another Fresh VW this Jetta GLI belongs to J.Godin. Check out his awesome photography on Flickr

Fresh Alpina convertible.

I’m liking the look on this E36.

You can’t get any more perfect on this sedan, I love BBS LM’s.

Hersheys all black everything STi always looks so mean! Just a reminder  ADSI is holding a another driving event october 30th, for more details check out the ASDI FaceBook.

I’ve always been a fan of this Subaru especially the print on the wheels.

Wicked innovations came out with this Fresh STi.

Andys widebody turbo Miata sitting on Work Equip 01s, this car is Fresh!!

Nissan really knows how to make OEM look Fresh.

Some people may not agree with whats been done to this Mugen Si but I personally like it, you can never go wrong with CCW’s.

Another pair of classic Hondas, Phoenix Yellow ITR’s the Mugen’d out one was one of my favorites for sure.

Fresh Integra on SSR Professor MS1r wheels.

You guys remember the Ferio Inspired 5 lug sedan from Honda Day, as always it’s looking Fresh.

Hardtop and Te37’s on an AP1, such a Fresh look.

Kevins 93 GSR looking Fresh as always on ATS cups.

This is my boys clean hatch from So Honda Garage, be on the look out for this car next year its gonna be a real eye catcher.

Some candids of J.Godin doing a quick shoot with my boy Timmys MK3.

My boy grilling up some tasty carne asada.

Here I am chatting it up with the grill master.

Timmy posted up.

Hess setting up his car for a quick shoot.

Thats it for the Fresh2DeathRI Summer Send Off, again thanks to all those came out. I want to thank all my family and friends who have always supported and helped me out with this blog, without you guys non of this could be possible THANKS!!

For full a gallery of the Fresh2DeathRI meet check us out on the Fresh2DeathRI FaceBook and to stay updated hit that like button!

About f2djeff

I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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3 Responses to Fresh2DeathRI Summer Send Off 2011

  1. Claudio says:

    Really nice coverage once again Jeff! Keep up the good work. The meet was fun even though I had to go a little early. Carne asada was on point! Also thanks for the pics of my hatch, the car has a lot in store and I hope I can really put out something nice for next years meet. I gotta say, lots of heavy hitters attended the meet, keep throwing em together like this and were good!

  2. Gasper! says:

    Thanks to all who came out, and thanks for supporting and Fresh2DeathRI!!!


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