Old School Toyota Car Club Car Show 2011

I originally wasnt planning on going to this because I was having a party at my house the night before, and I knew for a fact that I wasnt gonna get up early the next day.  After a long night of beer pong, alcohol and a 4am trip to the beach I still managed to get up at a decent time and drive down to CT, and let me tell you guys the Toyota Car Club of Bridgeport really knows how to put on an old school car show.
I was really impressed with how Fresh these 20 to 30 year old cars are, I mean some of these were practically show room condition. Another thing that impressed me were the owners of these old school cars, a majority of them are older guys and you can tell they take a lot of pride in their cars. A bunch of old school car clubs came out too, and you could tell there was a family like atmosphere between all the owners. Overall I’m really looking forward to attending more events like this in the future, hope you guys enjoy my coverage and for all the pics check out the full gallery on the Fresh2DeathRI Face Book.

One of the most awesome pick up trucks ever made the Mazda REPU ( Rotary Engine Pick Up), this was the first time ive seen one in person.

Rotary swapped Corolla.

Rotary MG.

Check out the old school  Racing Beat air cleaner.

This  drag prepped RX-7 is no joke.

These arent Old School but it doesn’t matter. Check out the  Fresh wire tuck on that red FD3, ive never even seen a tucked FD3 before I sure as hell didn’t expect to see one at this event.

Datsun 510 coupe on some Fresh Racing Hart Type C’s, 2 things you really don’t see everyday.

Some of the Old School German cars that came out.

SR-20 Swapped Corolla Wagon, ide say this is kind of a sleeper.

Here is another SR swapped Corolla on old school Volk Mesh from Team Toyminator.

If you guys havent noticed I’m kind of a Honda fan, so when I saw this Corolla with a S2000 swap it literally stopped me in my tracks and I generally excited to see this.

One of my favorite cars of all time are these Toyota Starlets, especially when they are tubbed and in drag trim.

There was not one piece of this Starlet that wasnt touched,  aside from the awesome turbo setup it also has  custom carbon fiber panelling with a Fresh cage on the interior.

This Starlet had a bunch of old school JDM parts and its sitting on a Fresh set of Panasport wheels.

The wheels on this Fresh Corolla caught my attention right away and it turns out these are some very rare Enkei Apache wheels.

ITB 20 valve swap in this Corolla.

I’m feeling the color on this Corolla wagon.

This is one of the cars there that was in Show Room condition, it had everything! even the original Window Sticker from the dealership.

This is one of the cars that started it off for Honda, the CVCC. I love this car!

Thats it for the Old School Toyota Car Club of Bridgeport car show, don’t forget the Fresh2DeathRI Summer Send Off is going on this Sunday at Colt State Park in Bristol,RI. Spread the word !!! and if you havent yet make sure you RSVP on FaceBook.


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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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