ADSI High Performance Driving School

The ADSI High Performance Driving School is such an awesome event and better yet its in Rhode Island! I was really excited about going to this especially after getting a preview of the track before the event by Anthony Ricci who is the man behind ADSI. Anthony is a super cool guy who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to driving and security, he has many many years of experience and it’s what he does for a living.

So the day finally came and it was time to take my car out and have some real fun with it. Although I didn’t even make it a full lap due to lack preparing on my end , it was the absolute best time ive ever had driving my car. There was down shifting,up shifting, hard braking, hard turning,and it was crazy! You literally couldn’t take the smile off my face. Since my car was out I ended up getting a ride in a 350z with R-Compounds, and let me tell you this was one of the funnest times ive had in a car without feeling that I was gonna die. The best thing about HPDS is that you can go as hard as you can in your car without worrying about cops or possibly crashing into anything, aside from cones of course. It’s a little of 100$ attend but its money well spent because you get a ton of track time and you don’t have to work the field picking up cones etc… plus you better your driving skills and that’s priceless.  The ADSI High Performance driving  day is without a doubt Fresh2DeathRI approved.

For More info about ADSI and the High Performance Driving School check out their website

Here is a view of the air strip getting prepped for the day. It’s absolutely huge!

Anthony’s Mustang getting ready for his set of R-Compounds

This is control central, this is  where all the times are kept and it doubles as a hang out spot.

This is Mikes car, It’s a Stock 350z with minimal suspension mods and R compounds. He gave me my first real taste of what its like to go around the cones and he was actually one of the fastest cars of the day.

I can’t remember the name of the owner of this car but he gave me tips and he let me follow him around the track so i could learn it and get a real driving experience. This 240 is actually really nice too, It has Volks, SR20 with a lot go fast goodies under the hood like a Tomei turbo manifold just to name one of the mods…

Here are all the drivers of the day from left to right, as you can see a lot of nice cars.

A closer look at some of the drivers cars.

Here is Anthony explaining to the drivers how everything works.

Here we have 3 lanes of drivers, each lane will follow the leader so they can get a feel for the course before they go out and eat up some cones.

Here are all the drivers learning the course.

Here is Hershey doing a lap through the course, this STI is really fast. Subaru’s already grip because they’re AWD, add some R-compounds, the right suspension and engine mods, light weight wheels and you got yourself a track monster!

The drivers lined up getting ready for the signal to go.

Car trouble is something that happens at these events but sometimes all you need is a hammer to get you right back on the track, wich was whats looked to be the case here.

This is pretty much what I did for half the day :-/ Just a word of advice for all you guys don’t go to a track day on 3 hours of sleep and completely hung over lol  Luckily Anthony was more than willing to take over as photographer as I slept it off.

For more pics from the day make sure to check out the ADSI HPDS FaceBook photo gallery, you can also catch pics of the lovely ADSI Promo Models that came out and took pics with the cars.

Just incase you havent heard the Fresh2DeathRI  annual meet is happening September 25th. You can RSVP on the Fresh2DeathRI event page on FaceBook.


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