Honda Day 2011

Honda Day has always been one of the best Honda/Acura events in the country, since the early 2000’s Honda Day has continued to grow to the great event is today. I remember being in high school and going on to check out the coverage, and now instead of going on UrbanRacer to see coverage I get my own. This is my 3rd year attending and my first year bringing my own car, even though my Integra isn’t anywhere close to where I want it to be I decided to take it anyway.  This year was cool since it was a 2 day event the first day wasnt overly crowded, so it was pretty easy to get good photos with out people getting in the way. I only have coverage of day 1 since the second day got rained out and postponed due to rain. I couldn’t make it back down to Jersey the week after, so I hope you guys enjoy the coverage cause there were a lot of Fresh cars you will see below.

These are probably some of the fastest cars that came out for Honda Day, the last car is actually an EM2 with a RWD K24 setup that hits consistent 7’s. WOW that’s a fast car!

This is Rob from XXX Racing in his RSX, im not sure what he’s currently running but I do know he’s on the quest for 9’s and im sure he’ll get there.

This is for those guys who want squeeze every ounce of power from their motor, it’s an AEM Quad wideband setup with a beautifully made Full Race Turbo Manifold.

Here is a better look at the RHD S2K I saw at the Bakerz meet earlier this year.

CCW’s seem to be the wheel choice for a lot S2000’s lately, I can’t blame it makes them look pretty Fresh.

More Fresh S2000’s

The TL-S is such a Fresh car especially when you put the right wheels as you can see here.

Ohhh my this is so Fresh!

Franklin refreshed his Accord wagon before coming out to Honda Day, this car is  truly a head turner!

Awesome tape job.

I was checking out this car for a good 10 minutes looking at all details from the Sharpie Artwork, very unique and very Fresh!

Wide Body Si on CCW’s, pretty interesting…

I’m liking these a lot more. Simple and Clean

I’ve always been a fan of this color RSX.

V Race Works came out with some really Fresh Cars, but I kinda wish the red hatch didn’t have miss matching Kevlar, its kind of distracting.

I’m feeling the color on this K-swapped hatch.

Fresh color combo!

Spoon Certified V6 Accord coupe.

WTF!!! definitely NOT Spoon Certified. I could have taken a lot of pictures of some blatant fakery but this one took the cake.

To make up for that eyesore here is some eye candy.

Some CTR action, you might remember these from Import Alliance.

Type R motor under the hood of this sleeper sedan.

I was surprised to see that this 5 lug Ferio inspired sedan on Wedsports was actually from RI. If the owner is reading this, good work and keep up the Fresh!

Fresh Del Sol on Mugen CF-48s.

Fresh Integra action.

This is this years Honda Day car give away. Yes you read right, at every Honda Day one lucky person walks away with a Honda for FREE and they’re not giving away junks as you can see.

If you want to check out full coverage of Honda Day you can see the full gallery on the Fresh2DeathRI FaceBook.

Dont Forget about the Fresh2DeathRI Summer Send Off happening on September 25th at Colt State Park in Bristol, RI. If you are going you can RSVP on the Fresh2DeathRI Summer Send Off Event Page

Also!!! Dont forget to check out the Mass Tuning Meet and Greet happening tomorrow September 3rd in Boston Mass.  For more info and to RSVP Click Here

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  1. Rothana ram says:

    that 4 door eg9 with the Wedsports is my uncle car

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