ECR Summer Melt Down 2011

I was pretty excited about this show, I had seen coverage from years prior and I liked what I saw. This year it rained but that didn’t matter unless you don’t drive your car in bad weather, the show is held in a parking garage so it worked out well. A lot of really fresh cars came out that I hadn’t seen before.

This was my first time shooting in a garage so I had to play around with the settings on my camera, but overall the pics came out good. I was  working with ADSI (Advanced Driving Security inc) wich throws an awesome Auto-X event. I was taking photos of the promo models  passing out flyers, t-shirts and posing with cars, it was pretty cool I mean who can complain about taking photos of 3 attractive girls haha :-).  Anyway shout outs to Team ECR for keeping the New England scene alive and throwing an awesome car show every year.

This is one of my favorite combos. Suzuki Samurai + Rotary = Fresh2Death!

Some fresh old school.

I’ve seen pictures of VW bugs with similar setups, its pretty cool to see one in person.

Some VAG…

Big Body Euros looking F2D…

These 2 cars are really clean. I like the color of both BUT!!! these guys really need to up their wheel game, those XXR’s are not doing the trick for me.

I wish this car didn’t have all those graphics, but on another not great wheel choice!

Slammed Expedition looking Fresh.

This is pretty cool ive never seen anyone sticker bomb an engine bay.

 Precision Fabs S2K. If you guys aren’t familiar with Precision Fabrication you should definitely check out their work, from what I can tell its pretty legit.

Awesome stance on this S2K.

This RHD RSX had a Super Street feature in 2008 and im really impressed that its evolved a lot since then and it hasn’t lost an ounce of Freshness. So many rare parts on this car, you really have to just sit there and take it all in.

Fresh CTR!

Check out the fish tank valve cover.

I’m a fan of this car, it seems to be put together well.

Ummmmm interesting…

I like this guys interpretation of what a Civic Type R would look like if the US ever had one.

Here is another car that always looks Fresh and has evolved for the better. Import Tuner has a challenge on FaceBook and the winner gets the December cover, this car is actually in the lead at the moment so if you havent picked this car yet make sure you do. Import Tuner Face Book challenge

Here are one of the ADSI promo models with my car, The F2D logo has never looked so good haha

Unfortunately my distributor conveniently gave out as I was leaving and I had to tow my car 80 miles back to Providence…. SMH!!! not so Fresh lol

ohhhh and thanks to the guys who helped me push the car out of the garage its cool to see people still willing to give a hand when you need it.

That’s it for the Team ECR Summer Meltdown, I hope you guys enjoyed the coverage. If you took pics with the ADSI promo models you should be able to check them out and tag yourself on the ADSI FaceBook.

Also if you havent heard ive officially announced the Fresh2DeathRI Summer Send Off 2011

If you’re going make sure you confirm on the FaceBook Event page, there are already 140 confirmed. SPREAD THE WORD!!!!


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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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