Import Alliance 2011 part 2

It feels like only yesterday I was in that Tennessee heat drinking some sweet tea, going through all these pictures is bringing back all the memory’s from my trip to Import alliance. I definitely got to meet some cool people and talk to the owners of some of the cars, all the guys I met were pretty cool. A lot of the photos from todays post are from day one, and you probably wont see these first set of pictures anywhere but here. so let me start off Import Alliance part 2 with a bang! literally lol.

I was just minding my own business trying to get a picture of a red hatch with Work Meisters when I look up through my view finder and see these guys going at it pretty hard.

They were fighting for over a minute until some random guy just came and broke them up, I’m not even sure what the fight was about but by the time it was done they were both bleeding so the  fight was pretty even.

The girl in this picture has the right idea. “classy not trashy” although I was pretty entertained by the fight I don’t think it was necessary for these guys to go at it. what ever they were fighting about wasnt that serious cause after it was broken up they just walked away from each other.

M. Burroughs super Fresh BMW. If you’re not familiar with the name then you must be familiar with his other car Rusty Slammington.

Another Fresh BMW. This one is on Image Wheels, these are actually the first set of Image Wheels ive seen in person and I like what I see.

Fresh stanced Prelude.

All In Fabs K20 header.

The Seen It! VW caddy with a K20 swap is something I’ve always dreamed of doing. If I ever find a MK2 for a good price I might just think about something similar to this 🙂


Work Wheels and VW = Super Fresh!

Same goes for BMW’s, Work wheels are just plain awesome.

As you can see there was no shortage of all types of BBS’s

The Recaro Lounge…

I’ve seen many 370Zs but this one has to be one of my favorites.

Pretty cool graphics on this Evo.

Fresh Subies

Altezza, Sylvia, GTR… these guys have a serious case of the RHD.

Franklins RHD Accord Wagon again.

RHD Integra, I’m very fond of this color…. hmmmmm

Honda Ferio on Spoon wheels.

Real CTR on Gab sports!!!

Another CTR on Yellow Regas. Interesting but I like!

Some more Type R action.

I remember this car from way back on Honda-Tech. Probably one of my favorite of all time, im glad to see it’s still around and not parted out.

This Integra has a lot going on…

SIR’d hatch with a REAL Spoon hood! this one is a first for me.

Exospeed drag wheels all around and a pretty serious turbo set up. V Race Works of New York is definitely holding it down.


I’m a fan of Gram Lights and they’re looking  very Fresh on this Accord and Del Sol.

Fresh Fits.

I love J’s Racing aero!

Just some of the Fresh S2K’s in attendance.

I’m gonna leave you off today with a beastly Civic. Only a crazy man would be willing to do this and now its done, The Civette!!

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  1. Gasper! says:

    Prince’s Hot Chicken = the best shit ever.

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