Import Alliance part 1

Import Alliance 2011 !!! My coverage is here, I’m finally done editing all the pics. This event is kinda special to me, Import Alliance is actually  where Fresh2DeathRI got its start. Roughly a year ago I went out to Tennessee with a point and shoot camera. I got back home, I started looking at all the pics I took and I said to myself “hey im gonna start a blog”. I had no idea how to blog, I didn’t even have a logo at that point. But here we are and much thanks to everyone who follows Fresh2DeathRI today!

Sooooo let’s get on with Import Alliance 2011. Once I pulled into my hotel I knew that this year was going to be serious,  the guys from Eat Sleep Race and Canibeat were also staying there and these guys have there Fresh on point at all times. Todays coverage is gonna be a little bit of the hotel and some parts of day 1, mostly a lot of the CCW cars cause that was one of the first booths I saw when I walked in.

Cleaning up the cars before the big day.

Franklin getting settled in from his long drive with his JDM Accord wagon. Apparently all he does is Win…. hmm who would have known lol

These are just some of the cars I saw at my hotel.

I only saw this Fresh hatch one time and that was right when I got into the track. I remember this car from last year and it looks like its only improved since then.

ummmm yeah I wouldn’t let this guy around children lol

Fresh RX8 on 5zigen wheels.

Work Equip 01’s on this pretty clean hatch. It’s too bad almost all these civics are rusted here in New England ide love to build one of these.

This 370z was looking good I liked the carbon kevelar lip kit on white and you can  never go wrong with TE-37’s.

These guys are riding pretty low…

and this guy is riding pretty high 🙂

Boosted M3 on  BBS LM’s, more on this car later.

CCW wheels were absolutely everywhere. Last year there was a bunch but this year CCW came out in full effect and made their presence known.

The CCW LM5 looking absolutly Fresh on these cars.

It’s just a guess but I think this guy is a LA fan….

I’m a fan of this bay…

This EP3 is putting in some work.


Interesting valve cover, awesome hatch…

This Integra is pulling off the gold bay perfectly and the turbo setup doesn’t look too shabby either.

What more could you want from a CD Accord this car is Fresh2Death.

Thw TL-S showing off some of CCW’s Mono Block wheels.

A tucked Supra! wow…

Another wheel company that’s really taken off the past couple years is Rotiform and they have a huge following on the west coast. It’s cool to see this Audi S4 rocking these Rotiforms flawlessly.



Rally Armor mud flaps and Mag Blue RE-30’s = Gangster

I love 96 spec JDM ITR’s, I love them even more when they are on staggerd Regamaster Evo’s.

I remember seeing this car last year at Eibach 2010 and it’s still looking Fresh. Not many people are messing with single cam turbos but if you’re gonna do it, might aswell go all out.



This is it for Import Alliance part 1.  Stay updated with Fresh2DeathRI on FaceBook






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