Recession Car Show 2011

Its been a while since ive been to a car show so when I heard about the Recession car show I figured “hey why not its only 5.99 to enter”, I even got a brand new shiny penny as change. There was a lot of different style cars there, you had everything from a British Noble M12 to a chopped up convertible Civic made to look like a Nissan….?? Yeah i said the same thing lol It was cool though I had a great time and you’ll see there was a pretty good amount of pretty fresh cars that showed up especially the exotic and VIP cars.

This bagged Z was riding really low and it had a set of massive calipers front and rear.

This 240 sleeper has what I would think is the most sought after swap, the RB26 from a R34 GT-R.

This G35 never disappoints last time I saw this car it had a nice set of VS-XX’s.

Another G-35 that’s always looking Fresh.

Some of the guys from came out with their exotics.

Here is that GT-Four Celica from the Mass Tuning meet and greet, now it’s rocking some wheels.

An awesome showing of the guys from Liberty VIP came out, they’re looking very Fresh!

Awesome decal lol

Classic Fresh!

I’m a sucker for Stanced S2000’s and this one definitely did it for me, im loving the uncommon choice of CCW’s.

You can never go wrong with TE-37’s on a white S2000.

Here is my Integra, not much has changed with it but it should be looking different in the near future…

Thats it for the Recession car show 2011 if you want to see all the pics check out the gallery on the Fresh2DeathRI FaceBook page!/pages/Fresh2DeathRIcom/123208024392548


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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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