Mass Tuning Meet and Greet

About 2 weeks ago I was up late on FaceBook when I noticed a post from Kaizen Tuning about a meet in Boston, so I googled it and I saw about 10 forums with the meet posted up. I’m not big into being on forums as much as I used to be so luckily FaceBook saved me from missing this. I took the drive up to Boston with my boy Ill Will and I had a pretty good time, there was a good showing of quality cars there. I ended up meeting D-Stretch which is one of the guys behind Mass Tuning  and I think its cool that him and his friends get something like this going. I’m all about showing what New England is about and Mass Tuning has Boston covered for sure.

This fresh Suzuka Blue S2000 is sporting a lot of aero and some uncommon Work Wheels.

The NSX is always a stunning car to look at, you would almost think this one is stock until you walk around back and find this…

Braced up and Super Charged!

Caged, Boosted, and sitting on some murdered out Gotti wheels I like whats going on here!

Here is Ill Will next to his Fresh MK6 wagon on BBS RS’s.

Stanced Benz with some Ruckus action…

The STI’s came out strong.

This Evo held its own against the STI’s.

This was awesome to see, a real RHD GT-Four Celica. These cars dominated WRC until it was banned from competition for bending the rules on turbo charging restrictions.

The three B’s BMW, BBS, and Boston!

The G35’s also had a strong showing with almost all of them rocking wheels, kitted up, or being boosted.

For more pics you can visit the Fresh2DeathRI FaceBook page!/pages/Fresh2DeathRIcom/123208024392548

Dont miss out on the next Mass Tuning Meet and Greet going on in July!

About f2djeff

I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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