Uconn car show 2011

Spring has sprung. A great way to kick off the New England Car Show season is with the annual UConn Meet in Storrs, CT. I guarantee this meet has something for everyone. Every year, I know I can count on Uconn to come through with almost every make and model this enthusiast can imagine. You get everything from “euro” to “euro trash,” “JDM” to “JDM rice” etc… UConn covers it all from the good, the bad to the ugly. One trend that I’ve noticed a lot and am not really crazy about, is the whole movement to rock replica wheels. It took off at full speed in the Honda scene and I see it  (literally) stretching to the Subaru’s, VW’s, Nissans etc… I can’t stand when I’m stopped dead in my tracks, about to take a picture of a car that caught my attention only to discover it has cheap replicas on it. Epic fail. Still, I can look past the trend and admit that some of these cars are awesome and photo worthy. I’m only here to bring you the Freshest coverage, and that’s exactly what you will get! Enjoy F2D’s exclusive Uconn show photos here:

These have to be some of the Freshest E30’s in New England.

Words cant even describe how fresh this Mini Cooper is.

Racks on Racks….


These guys were causing a Ruckus…


Parking in the crack to make the car lower lol I like this guys style 🙂

This bagged Z is looking absolutely sexy on those Work Meisters.

CaniBeat.com’s latest feature is this Stanced NISMO Z, you might remember this car from last years F2D meet.

Another car  from last years F2D meet is this super low fresh Corolla.

VW’s making a strong appearence

The color blue and CCW’s seems to be a popular choice. I sure as hell cant hate on that!

This is “The Power of Dreams”…

My homie Hess’s EG6 inspired hatch, he just switched out his white Regamasters for some Spoon SW388’s and it’s really starting to grow on me.

Freshly stanced Hondas.

One of these doesnt belong lol

This guy in the teal hatch was serving as entertainment for everyone, as you can see a crowd around the car as he’s getting a ticket for revving his motor. It’s nice to see people actually getting a ticket for immature actions…

Here is something you really don’t see everyday, a nicely done AWD Mazda Familia all done up.

Now this is really something you barely see state side, this is my buddy’s RHD Pulsar GTI-R on some rare dinoco blue Enkei wheels.

This is how he feels about getting runner up in the Import AWD class lol either that or he just doesn’t like me 🙂

Well this is it for Uconn I have coverage of Staggered 2011 that will be up this week and then there will be coverage of the Bakerz East coast meet also next week. To stay up to date with all of the F2D RI updates you can like my page on FaceBook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fresh2DeathRIcom/123208024392548#!/


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