New England Dust Off part 2

The response to Dust Off part 1 has been really good, I’m glad you guys have enjoyed my coverage so far. I did have some help with this event though, I had my boy Taco snapping pics with his camera. I was kinda busy talking to people and trying to learn more about the VW/Euro scene, so shout outs to my boy Taco for helping me out. So for this edition of Dust Off I’m going to show the newer VW’s and some of the stuff that was going on around the track.

I took this pic with my phone this was probably mid day when all the cars had settled in.

These 2 white Jettas were looking good, if im not mistaken the one with the RS’s took first place in its class. I’m personally feeling the second one more with the shaved front bumper.

Here we got my boy Timmy’s VR6 Jetta with his set of “Hey guy look at these wheels they’re Wicked Rare!”(inside joke) West German E’clair’s.

I’m not sure how to tell if this is a real Harlequin MK3 but it still looks good and I like the Starks hes rocking.

I like this bagged Golf ,the widened Porsche wheels really set it off. That’s what I call some lip action!

The root beer colored golf seemed to draw a lot attention and for good reason.

When I saw this car I was really blown away with the quality, creativity, and sheer flawlessness of the build. I was sad to hear that the builder of this car Alexi is no longer with us, so we’ll keep him in our thoughts.

The Mk4 Golfs came out strong for Dust Off, they were all looking very proper especially the last one.

Speaking of Mk4 Golfs, these guys were directly parked across from one another having some sort of battle over who could play they’re music the loudest. As you can see by the reactions on they’re faces it sure as hell wasnt friendly haha the end result nobody cares!

That’s it for part 2 of New England Dust Off 11, if you guys havent gotten on the Fresh2DeathRI FaceBook make sure you do so you can stay up to date.


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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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