New England Dust off 2011 pt1

Last Sunday was the New England Dust Off, this show is one of the largest season openers for the VW/Euro scene on the east coast. New England Dust Off was actually my first VW show ive been to so I was really excited to come and see what this scene was all about. To be completely honest with you guys im not that knowledgable when it comes to VW’s, before this show I didn’t know the difference between a MK5 or an MK6 so I definitely learned a good amount. Some of my good friends own  VW’s so I rolled in with them, you can see some of the rolling shots I took on the way there. Overall I was really impressed with the attention to detail that some of these cars had, there is definitely a lot creativity in this scene and I’m looking forward to attending other meets and shows this season.

The rolling shots on the way to Dust Off.

I was loving the bosozoku influenced wagen with the matching go-cart tank.

One of the few MK1 Sciroccos thats showed up and this one was looking F2D.

One of the few tucked and shaved cars cars in attendance, very fresh!

Swapped,Tucked,Shaved = Pure Awesomeness!

The Ronals are one of my personal favorite wheels and they look great on these Mk2’s.

The VW Beetle. This is the most produced car in the world, virtually unchanged since 1938 t0 2003!

Thats it for part 1 of New England Dust Off 2011. Keep yourself updated with on FaceBook


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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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One Response to New England Dust off 2011 pt1

  1. luis says:

    thanx for the pix of my brown rabbit gti 🙂

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