World Of Wheels Boston Pt.2

I had a great time last weekend at the World Of Wheels Boston, there were definitely some rare cars in attendance as well as some high dollar hot rods. You can see how Muscle Cars and Hot Rods have influenced a lot of the styles and trends that we see today in the Import and Euro scenes.

Here are some fresh hot rods. That last car was actually on the latest cover of the Jegs catalog, I always find it pretty cool when I get to see a print car in person.


This 59 Cadillac was my favorite car of the show, they really don’t make em like they used to.

Attention to detail on this old Lincoln was very impressive.

I loved the color and the engine setup on this car.

Some 60’s Ford’s, I’m really feeling the stacks.

People were pretty excited to see this guy from Deadliest Catch.

I normally wouldn’t even bother taking a picture of such a showy corolla but that 2JZ turbo motor swap made this car F2D worthy.

Not only were the cars impressive the displays had personalities to match.

It’s cool to see the nostalgic race cars, these cars pretty much started it all for drag racing.

Thats it for World Of Wheels Boston 2011. This past weekend I made the trip out the 2011  Uconn annual car show so coverage of that will be up later this week as soon as I finish going through all the pics. If you want to stay up to date with Fresh2DeathRI make sure you check out the FaceBook page.


About f2djeff

I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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