Wekfest 11 Honda Edition

It’s officially Spring time in New England, but with flurries earlier this week and more on the way it seems Winter hasn’t received the memo yet. With some really good events (Uconn Car Show, New England Dustoff etc…) coming up in April I’m hopeful that good weather is coming, so be expecting some really good coverage.

I know that its been a while since my last Wekfest 11 update but this is the last of it and its of my personal favorite.  Hondas! California has some of the best quality cars in the whole nation and when they come out to show they come hard, and when it comes to Honda/Acura they’re no slouch.

As you can see there were some serious S2k’s in attendance.

This real deal EG6 was looking extremely Fresh.

Very aggressive styling from this LSB EM2, I’m liking this very much.

Nicely done CTR inspired hatch that was in the JSJ Brothers booth.

I’m really feeling this color.

Just some of the magazine featured “EK’s” that were there.

Simple yet very clean.

The track tuned Honda-Tuning CR-Z was sporting a lot of beautiful one-off fab work done by ASC speed metal.

Some of the Accords holding it down, its nice to see people doing these up correctly.

This magazine featured TSX has been through many transformations, right now its in J’s Racing mode.

This is Big Mikes ridiculously clean magazine featured, 2 time Best Wekfest Honda award-winning Prelude, pictures do not do this car justice.

Track prepped CRX that we saw earlier in the staging photos.

Nicely done Stanced CR-X on some period correct wheels.

This Integra is so awesome, it’s rocking all the right parts that looked good back in the early 00’s and still looks just as great today. This car really takes me back to when I first started getting into Honda’s.

This Honda-Tuning featured Integra is the opposite of the red one above, this has all the great modern trends we see in todays Honda scene.

This Integra is putting out over 700+ horse power, I wonder what the track times are for this.

One of my personal favorite cars that I would love to get my hands on one day is an Aztec green Integra GS-R, this guy definitely did his right.

Very interesting oil cap?

Ive always had a thing for Teal Integras this one has to be the best ive seen yet.

This is Abunai Racings Integra, if you’ve seen 24k gold Mugen M7’s this car was the first one to start that trend, enough so that Rota copied the idea and made a 24k gold replica Jmag. At least that’s what im told…

As promised more pics of the very sexy Penthouse model Justene  Jaro.

So this is it for Wekfest 11 I hope that you guys enjoyed all the pics and I will be back with coverage from the upcoming April meets soon.


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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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