Wekfest 2011 coverage Part 2

So you guys saw my photos from the staging and Domo crowd surfing, now its time to take you inside. There were so many featured cars from online blogs and magazines in attendance that you couldn’t possibly count all of them. Trying to get pictures was tough because of the amount of people who showed up, I think I read somewhere that something like 20,000 people showed up.  I hope you guys enjoy, please very free to leave some comments.

The house was packed!

Fat Lace brought out their vintage Skylines.

240’s looking very nice

Great color combo.

VIP TL’s that showed up. That white TL has some serious fender work.

Lexus love.

I am in love with Rotiform TMB wheels, hopefully  one day I can get a set for my Integra.

That Bentley is looking F2D on those Rotiforms.

This K-sight must be fun to drive.

This CRX was definitely one of my top favorite from Wekfest, no need to explain why.

Nice to see a Mini looking very complete, a lot of work definitely went into this.

If someone told you about the color combo on this hatch you probably wouldn’t think it works but Down Star definitely pulls it off.

All in Fabrication did some beautiful fab work on this hatch.

This CR-Z gets Bisi….

Fresh Supras that showed up.

NSX with a healthy dose of kevlar.

Its all about presentation and its safe to say this Subaru has that down.

I will leave off with some eye candy, Christine Mendoza is extremely beautiful and I think she winked at me HaHa….. or not 🙂

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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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