Wekfest 2011 part 1.

The 3rd annual Wekfest 2011…. All I can say about this event is that I have never experienced anything like this. If had to think of one phrase that summed up Wekfest 2011  it would be “Rock Star!”, I say “Rock Star!” because only a band of tremendous fame can bring a crowd of thousands. I had heard that last year people were waiting in line for up to 3-4 hours just to get in and hundreds were still turned away, so after hearing that I got there “hella early” as they say in San Fran. I personally was in line for over 3 hours, I don’t even want to think how long it took for the people way behind me to get in. Wekfest is no joke, only the best cars come out and they came hard. In this post you’re going to see the cars coming in for staging, if you enjoy part 1 you’re going to really enjoy part 2 when im actually in the building!

The morning of Wekfest I was leaving my hotel to get breakfast, I stepped out the door to see a pack of G’s and Z’s passing me. Lets just say I skipped breakfast and walked my ass over to Fort Mason where Wekfest was being held.

Lets play a game. Count the NSX’s!

Big Mike the owner of this fresh Prelude took home Best Honda this year, and for good reason.

Finally Nissan makes a good looking Maxima.

Lets just say pictures don’t do this Z justice.

Very nice Del Sol rocking 2 different pairs of Mag blue TE’s.

DPK’s Fresh coupe.

Beautiful real deal EG6.

Loving this color.

Some F2D Porsche action!

Track ready Honda’s.

Muscle anyone?

I found this comical…. lol

The old school Toys came out to place.

Some of the Rotiform cars rolling into the show.

How many lines have you waited in where they start crowd surfing Domo?? lol

That’s it for today, Part 2’s coverage will show you what was going on inside Wekfest, trust me you guys don’t want to miss that!

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About f2djeff

I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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