Eibach 2010 Pt.2

It’s the day after Valentines and I hope all the F2D followers had a great time with your significant others, whether it was an actual person or just your car lol. Todays post is a continuation of last years 2010 Eibach Honda/Acura meet, as you can see there are a lot of F2D cars out on the west coast and they are serious when it comes to the Honda scene.

On another note I am happy to inform you guys that this weekend I will be making it back out to California again to get exclusive F2D coverage of the 3rd annual Wekfest in San Francisco, If you’re not familiar with Wekfest it’s another great meet in California that’s reserved for only the best cars. Also to start off the year in the right direction I bought a new camera to give you guys a better viewing experience, so check back next week for that coverage. Anyway here are the pics, Enjoy!

I was really liking this Accord, I wish more people would do these up.

VIP Fit looking very F2D.

This Sand Rail had what looked to be a carbureted B-series motor, I wouldn’t mind getting a ride in that!

This is Premium Garage Krews Laguna Seca Blue S2k, the owner actually had this brought out on a car carrier from Georgia I believe. Now that’s what I call dedication!

This is Big Mikes Prelude, this car is absolutely flawless!

Another magazine car, Its rocking Kosei K1’s in Mag blue with custom wheel decals made RI’s own JMCfab.com

Another magazine car, with some crazy copper plated Regas.

One of my personal favorite cars from the meet.


BBS’s done right on this Integra.

Another nicely done wagon.

Nicely done hatch with  a good combination of OEM parts.

Two F2D hatch’s

These guys think alike.

Sorcery kitted, Supercharged, and Volk”d NSX could you possibly ask for more?

A couple very F2D non-Hondas that crashed the meet, that Toyota is super Fresh.


About f2djeff

I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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One Response to Eibach 2010 Pt.2

  1. Ftd350z says:

    Can’t wait to see the pics of the up coming meet. Never get bored of looking at the eibach pics.

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