Flat Out Motorsports Fall Dyno Day

Last Sunday was Flat Out Motorsports fall dyno day, unfortunately I couldn’t attend so I had my very good friend  take some pics with  his cell phone. Fortunately for you guys these pics actually came out decent, so big ups to Hess for getting me this coverage. For you guys who aren’t familiar with FOM, it’s primarily a Mazda race shop. From the looks of the pics they build a lot of Miatas, according to they’re website they do Dyno, Alignments, Caging, and builds that go from weekend auto-crosser to full out track beasts.

If anyone is interested in Flat Out you can visit they’re website


This is FOM’s alignment rack, and from the looks of it they do corner balancing too which is essential if you’re serious about racing.

I’m not an expert on full-out race cars but these interiors look like they mean business.

FOM uses a Dyna Pack dyno, another essential tool tuning.

As you can see here FOM also likes to play with Hondas.

If that last EP3 looks familiar it’s probably because it belongs to one of the SHG guys who works at FOM.

Well that’s it for the Flat Out Motorsports dyno day, Fresh2DeathRI wishes everyone a happy and safe Thanks Giving.

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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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