SHG SolFresh Oktoberfest 2010 part 2

Hey guys im finally getting around to the second part of the SHG SolFresh coverage, I know I am a bit late but you know what they say “Better late than never”.  Like I said before in part 1 this meet was all word of mouth, and the amount of quality cars that showed up was a real treat for all the Honda enthusiasts. Aside from all the great cars that showed up there was a more important reason for this meet, and that was all the socializing that was going on between like-minded people. It’s great that events like this happen because im honestly not on forums as much as I used to be, so It’s cool to meet all the guys who are on Honda-Tech and other forums. Well here is part 2 I can’t wait for next years meet.

This Infiniti was looking fresh on some polished Work Rezax.

This RSX had a really nice Full Race setup under the hood, and im sure this car gets down the 1320 in a timely manner.

I saw this car at Honda Day 2010 but I couldn’t snap a picture of it due to the crowd that was constantly surrounding it. This is a purpose-built hatch that looks like it can due some damage going around a road course or lining up on the drag strip.

This fresh 7th gen Accord caught my attention because its rocking one my personal favorite wheels, bronze Wedsport Sa-90s.

This coupe is done extremely well, perfect example of function and form without skipping on quality.

If the owners of these cars aren’t friends they really should be. That last hatch was one of my favorites from that day.

What a fresh but classic setup on this Integra.

Gaspers Integra is always looking very fresh, he is truly fearless driving 4 hours on New England highways with his Spoon lip.

This was really cool a real DC5-R,this is not something you see everyday.

I didn’t realize this was a RHD Integra until i saw the bronze tint on the glass and i realized this wasnt just another Integra with a X Si badge on the back, it was in fact the real deal.

I like the color combo on this hatch, it sounded pretty mean when it pulled up too.

This Jetta caught my attention when I heard it scrape on something coming in to the lot. LoL very clean and very slammed.

The owner of this VW must get a lot of hate mail from New York ITR owners wanting this plate haha

This CR-Z has probably seen more dyno time than most cars that showed  up that day, it’s currently being used as a test mule for some aftermarket company’s developing parts for the new platform. Keep an eye out for future updates on this car I have feeling its going to look a lot different come next year.


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