SHG SolFresh Oktoberfest 2010

This past Sunday there was a cook out/meet in NY that was put on by the guys from SHG(So Honda Garage) and SolFresh. The interesting thing about this meet is that there was no promotion at all on any forums for the meet, it was all word of mouth. I can’t blame these guys for doing it this way because it really does weed out the unwanted ricers and trouble makers, and it worked. This year I traveled to the west coast and down south to go to meets and events and ide have to say this meet had to be one of my favorites this year.

I got a thing for these Midori hatch backs, hopefully one day I can get my hands one. This one is definitely Fresh2Death.

When i first saw this fresh RSX I wasnt too sure how i felt about these BBS’s on the car, but the more I look at this picture the more its grown on me. 

No question about it the Gold BBS’s look great on this hatch. This car was actually driven by a girl, she is definitely setting the bar for any other girl hatch owners.

If there had been a contest for best paint last sunday this car would have taken 1st place hands down. The owner said he had wet sanded the car the night before so the paint still looked wet! The color matched Volks also give a great look to really complete the car.

Out of all the meets I went to this year there was always something missing, and I found it in NY last sunday! This Odyssey is Fresh2Death, I love the wheels and the rare Mugen wing on the back really sets this mini-van apart from the rest.

Talking about rare, this coupe has enough rare JDM parts on it to make even the Cali boys drool!

I first saw this car in Tennessee and again in Jersey, but I never got the opportunity to get a good look at the car and take a proper picture because those events were so crowded. I said it before about this car and ill say it again I LOVE everything about the Starks! and this RSX pulls it off so well.

This is one of SolFresh’s finest. This car is very complete and the owner of this car definitely has a lot of attention to detail when it comes to his car.

Your eyes dont fool you this is AllMotorDans real deal 96 JDM ITR. This is where it all started for DC2 lovers such as my self.

These 2 Ep3’s are keeping it real Fresh.

This is the first event this year that I attended with my car where I could really tell that the work ive done so far was really appreciated by all the like-minded enthusiasts that showed up.

This is it for Part 1 of the SHG/SolFresh meet, I have a lot more pictures to go through so keep checking back soon for part 2.


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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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