Kaizen Tuning Open House Part 2

In part 1 of the Kaizen Tuning Open House I focused on all the amazing Nissan GT-R’s that showed up, part 2 is going to show you rest of the high-end cars that came out on Sunday. There was something for everyone at the open house. If you’re a fan of track prepped Porsches. It was there. If you’re a fan of classic Mercedes Convertibles, they had that too.

Looks like the Italians came out, Buon Giorno!

This M3 has some Fresh BBS wheels that im not familiar with. It’s nice to see a change from the popular LM’s and RS’s.

Looks like Volk’s are pretty popular with the M3 crowd.

This was one of my favorite cars that day. I definitely have a soft spot for E30’s and this one is perfect!

Very clean E92.

This is a beautiful SL convertible. I’m not sure if it’s restored or in all original condition but it looked and sounded awesome.

I was loving the “Hella Flush” Benz coupe. Fresh2Death!

Audi R8 looking gR8!

Fresh A5’s!

Track prepped Porsche.

The car that started it all, with out the development of this car Audi and Porsche would probably not exist.

Keep an eye out for Part 3 this weekend! Just a reminder for new visitors to Fresh2DeathRI.com if you want all of the F2D updates just hit the Like button on the FaceBook fan page.



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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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