Kaizen Tuning Open House 2010 part1

Sunday was Kaizen Tunings 2nd annual open house, so I rolled up to Acton with my boys Ill Will, Hess and Taco to check it out. I knew what to expect before hand, I had seen Kaizen Tunings updates on Face Book so I knew the kind of cars they wrench on. Needless to say I was really impressed with the cars that showed up, especially with all the GT-R’s and RHD Skylines. Any day of the week these cars are usually out numbered by Hondas or Subarus, on Sunday the tables had been turned and the Godzillas took over!

You can see the variety of GT-R’s that showed up.

This R32 on matte bronze Work Emotion Xt7s is looking Fresh. But don’t tell this Skyline it’s not a GT-R because that RB26 sure as hell says otherwise.

This R33 is super clean on RPF-1’s.

This R33 is looking pretty good on Work Emotions, I think he could have done with out those fog lights on the front bumper though.

Here is an actual R32 GT-R, also rocking an RB26 with some really nice fab work under the hood. This GT-R looks like it means business.

I’m loving the BBS LM’s on this R35, not to mention the countless mods it has.

Here are some more R35’s with G2 TE-37’s, I’m really feeling the Mag blue set.

You can’t go wrong with TE-37’s, this combo really looks good together.

The matte grey finish on this GT-R really makes this “GOTZIRA” look mean.

Here is something you really don’t see everyday, the supposedly not so street legal R34 GT-R V-Spec II Nür and I’ll say it again you can’t go wrong with TE-37’s.


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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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One Response to Kaizen Tuning Open House 2010 part1

  1. matt murgo says:

    Shoulda went… fml

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