Olneyville New York System Acura RSX Crash!!

I have a Fresh2DeathRI exclusive breaking story! Today im going play the role of reporter instead of blogger lol. So I am watching my local news that I record every morning, I usually just fast forward through the boring stuff and I caught a glimpse of this RSX. I looked through ABC6.com for more information on the story or at least the video but it’s nowhere to be found, so I took some pics off of my TV.

Around lunch time on 9/15/2010 at the North Providence Olneyville New York System, a white vehicle attempting to park struck the front door going through the building. Aside from the driver damaging his ego no injures were reported. Witness Jennifer Yakes asked the driver “what happened dude?” The driver said ” I hit the clutch instead of the brake”. The vehicle was towed from the scene, no word on how much damage was caused or how long it will take to fix.

From the looks of that carbon fiber hood this car probably belongs to some young kid that doesn’t have much experience driving stick. Driving into a building filled with people just trying to eat some wieners and drink coffee milk is not so Fresh2Death.

Pictures courtesy of the ABC6 Providence Morning News


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I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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