Skunk 2s New Video ( Blax Power Racing Sport Works )

I just saw this video that Skunk 2 Racing put out that mocks unamed brands for biting Skunk 2s designs. I’ve owned some sort of  Skunk 2 product on almost all of my cars and I can’t stress enough how functional and aesthetically pleasing their parts are . My Integras valvetrain is made up of all Skunk 2 Pro series  products for a reason, I sleep a lot better at night knowing that im using some of the best stuff on the market.

When I was done watching the video I immediately thought they were talking about Blox Racing which im pretty sure they are, but there is also another company called Black Works Racing that’s biting Skunk 2 and other brands that im sure they’re also referring to. Even though this video seems a bit exaggerated conversations like this happen almost every day. Just the other day someone asked me why I didn’t buy Rotas for my car, I could already see what I was dealing with when that question came up. Like i said before if you buy replica wheels and knock off parts thats cool with me im not going to hate, but its just not my thing. In the end we all stay Fresh2Death in our own way.

Here is the actual link from


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