F2D Summer Show Off Part 3

Sorry for the lateness on part 3 I was having some technical difficulties. Here are the next batch of cars from the F2D meet.

This Nismo Z is sitting flush, I’m not crazy about replica wheels but I cant not love this car!

Here are one of Black Japan’s finest, this has got to be one of the cleanest “EF” hatchback’s in RI. Its sitting pretty on some rare 14 inch  CPR’s, this car is purpose-built and ready to go!

Here is a great looking RSX, you can see it means business with that intercooler poking out.

One of my top 10 cars from the meet was this RSX Type S, what can i say I am a sucker for white Regamasters!

This is my buddy Gamby’s EM1, he’s rolling on some old school Konig wheels and i am in love with this car!

Some of the Fresh2Death 8th gens that came out.

The New England Scikotics came out in full force.

Finally a satin black Honda that isn’t rattle canned! The color combo on this “EF” is sick the orange really pops out, and the wire tuck is looking fresh.

I like whats going on with this Integra, the multiple decal on select body panels seemed to play a theme this year.

You could see this Blazer from anywhere in the park, considering that it towers over every car and its orange you can see why haha This truck is awesome!

This is Jtrix J swapped sedan, there are probably only a handful of J swapped 4 door Integras in New England and I doubt any of them are looking this good on TE-37s.

I cracked up when I saw this haha  OUCH!

This is the only 6th generation Accord ive seen around New England stanced like this, and you probably wont see another with rwd offset SSR’s.

These Civics have really grown on me lately, and this one is Fresh2Death sitting on some Buddy Club wheels.

Talk about SLAMMED, this guy must be dodging every crack in the road trying not to scrape lol But I like it!

I’m liking the color combo on this hatch, I like how the green pops through the Air Walker style front bumper.

I’m really liking this PY Type R with a rare 1st generation Mugen wing. When I saw it had TSW wheels I wasnt too crazy about it but it has really grown me, its nice to see someone doing something a little different from the rest of the crowd.

Fresh white on white “EK” with a Bomex wing looking Fresh.

Here are some Fresh2Death G35’s that came out, im really liking the orange one boosted rolling on Volks.

Well that does it for this years Fresh2Death RI Summer Show Off coverage, I am really looking forward to next year and i hope to see you all again.

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About f2djeff

I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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