F2D Summer Show Off Part.2

I can’t express how happy I was with the turn out of the meet, there was definitely a lot of cars.  I would say there was a good balance of quality rides vs lets say “hoopties” for lack of a better term. I know you guys didn’t come to my blog to check out hoopties, hence the name Fresh2Death! I’m only going to show you what I think were the freshest cars of the meet. So here is what you guys have been waiting for.

This is Kinetic Motor Works boosted S2000, this car has been featured in P.A.S Mag if im not mistaken. This is a one of a kind wide body kit, it also has a lot other rare parts on it including probably one of the widest sets of Work Meisters in the world.

To stay with the wide body theme this is my boy Tum’s candy red MR2. He came out real quick to the meet to show some support for the blog. This was the last car related event he attended before getting shipped overseas to fight for our country. He showed support for F2D and F2D supports all military!

This hot pink 240 was getting the job done for me. Fresh2Death all day!

This boosted Miata means serious business. Its rolling on some very wide Work Equip 01’s and for good reason he has to fill up those fenders!

You rarely get to see one twin cam Corolla in Rhode Island. This time there was 3! and they were all looking Fresh2Death.

I’ve seen these Corollas stanced on the west coast and they look great but this CT Corolla is doing work with those Corvette saw blade wheels. definitely something you don’t see often.

Hot 106 came out in the H3 to give out prizes and a chance to win tickets to the Funk Flex car show happening in October.

I love Si-R bumpers, these actually use to belong to me from a project I started but couldn’t finish 😦 but my boy Mickey definitely did a great job on his hatch so I guess my loss is his gain.

This was my favorite Subaru that showed up. Advan wheels, ARC hood scoop and winglets, Rally Armor mud flaps, etc… this Subaru had it all.

I like this Forester a lot, this one happens to belong to my buddy Dan. He does great photography so check out his website www.DanRothfeld.com

This STI was really cool. It has a lot of pink as you can see, even the paint has like a pink pearl to it. If you couldn’t guess this car belongs to a girl, so props to her for representing all the Subie girls out there.

This is it for tonight, i still have more so keep an eye out for part 3 coming this weekend.

Dont forget to check out the Fresh2DeathRI.com Face Book Fan page for full coverage of the meet, and dont forget to hit the Like button! http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/pages/Fresh2DeathRIcom/123208024392548?ref=sgm


About f2djeff

I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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