Summer Show off Part 1. Logical Madness edition

First and foremost I just want to thank EVERYONE who helped out and showed support for on sunday. I am really happy with the turn out this year, there was a good variety of quality cars and I think there was a little something for just about everyone. I really enjoyed seeing everyone just hanging out having a good time, enjoying all the cars and for most of us we got to meet a lot of the people we talk to on forums which is nice cause you get to put a face to the name.This years summer show off was actually a debut for F2D RI, Logical Madness, and my Integra which has been hibernating in my garage for the past 3 years!

Some of you may have some questions about F2D RI and Logical Madness, so im going to clear things up right now and fill you guys in.

1. F2D RI is my blog not a car crew. I made this blog for everyone who is interested in getting to know the New England car scene and getting my own personal coverage from meets and shows that I attend. This is why I set up this meet so everyone can get an up close look at what Rhode Island and New England as a whole has to offer.

2. Logical Madness is the “Car Crew”. Logical Madness was created by my friend, some of you may know him as Gasper. Logical Madness as a whole is just a bunch of guys who share similar interests and we hang out sometimes. There are no meetings,  initiations, member dues, or anything that typical car crews do.

“‘The idea of the group is to do the opposite of what you think should happen in a crew. I have learned a lot of what ‘not to do’ from previous experiences and focused Logical Madness around good people with good cars. It’s the members who make it what it is and they were all selected for a reason. I don’t push the leadership role as everyone in the crew shares an equal piece of the pie. I believe in giving each person involved equality and that it will lead to overall success.” -Gasper

So now that some of the questions some of you may have had have been answered I will let you guys enjoy some the coverage I have. Up first I will introduce you guys to the Logical Madness cars.

This my 95 DC2, as guys can see its tucked which is the reason why  its been sitting in my garage for so long. As most of you saw on sunday the car is far from complete, it still needs to be repainted but I sure as hell wasn’t going to miss my own event over some paint. Everyone seemed to like my Grey Goose Bottle coolant reservoir and Vtec Solenoid.

Next up is Ill Will, this is his Nismo style 350z sitting on 19 inch Work Varianza T1’s in a pretty rare color called Black Cut Blue (BCB). I love the stance of this car and the color combo but don’t be surprised if you see him rolling on some different wheels next year.

This is Gasper’s Integra. This car has so much attention to detail on it you really just have to sit and look at it to tell whats been done. I don’t know anyone who puts as much effort into their car to make it look as perfect as possible and be functional at the same time. F2D all day!

This is Hess’s teal Civic hatch. This car is so simple & clean, 15 inch Regamasters and a spoon style wing is all you need to stay Fresh.

This is Bob The Builders RB 240SX sitting on Fresh Volk GT-S’s. This car is a beast just sitting on the trailer, it’s currently not the road due to some harness issues but you will see this car getting sideways on a local street corner near you pretty soon lol

Matt’s GS on LS430 wheels. It wont be too long till you see this car stanced on some larger wheels.

Adam’s 8th gen SI on some head turning Grids.

D Ro’s EM1 is looking really flush on some custom made wheels, I’m really liking this whole look. Fresh2Death all day!

Me and some of the F2D supporters who are my family and friends, with out your help guys this day could not have been done.

For complete Coverage of the meet check out the gallery on the Face Book fan page and dont forget to hit the Like button.

Part 2 is coming soon!


About f2djeff

I am an Automotive Enthusiast who loves documenting the automotive scene.
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4 Responses to Summer Show off Part 1. Logical Madness edition

  1. Bob says:

    Seeing hess’s hatch always make me want to build another Honda……meet was fun my car will be driving to the next meet as the harness will finally be done this week….

  2. kev says:

    gr. my damn car should be up there. stupid late flight, but bob finish the 240 for once and build another honda. remember the lovely days of the rhd driveness

  3. buk ai says:

    i missed it last year.was going to show up with my cb7 accord.but now i well show up with my itr.please let me know when is the next meet.thanks

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